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These are simple recipe books which can be bought from various Merchants or found as loot. There are 28 of these to be found in Skyrim, one of which is later added in Dawnguard.


Potion 2

Some of the various potions found in Skyrim.

Merchants known to sell recipes:


Note: (number) indicates different versions of the recipe found. The different versions will not stack in the inventory and will be listed separately.

Name Ingredients Value FormID
Fortify Carry Weight Potion (1) ~Creep Cluster ~Giant's Toe 20 000F5CC6
Fortify Carry Weight Potion (2) ~Wisp Wrappings ~Scaly Pholiota 20 000F5CC7
Resist Poison Potion ~Thistle ~Falmer Ear 20 000F5CC5
Resist Shock Potion (1) ~Pine Thrush Egg ~Snowberries 20 000F5CC3
Resist Shock Potion (2) ~Glow Dust ~Pearl 20 000F5CC4
Resist Fire Potion (1) ~Bone Meal ~Frost Salts 20 000F5CBD
Resist Fire Potion (2) ~Elves Ear ~Mudcrab Chitin 20 000F5CC0
Resist Frost Potion (1) ~Snowberries ~Purple Mountain Flower 20 000F5CBE
Resist Frost Potion (2) ~Gourd ~Fire Salts 20 000F5CDF
Restore Magicka Potion (1) ~White Cap ~Taproot 10 000F5CBA
Restore Magicka Potion (2) ~Giant Lichen ~Pearl 10 000F5CBC
Restore Magicka Potion (3) ~Grass Pod ~Red Mountain Flower 10 000F5CBB
Cure Disease Potion (1) ~Charred Skeever Hide ~Mudcrab Chitin 10 000F5CB8
Cure Disease Potion (2) ~Mudcrab Chitin ~Vampire Dust 10 000F5CB9
Invisibility Potion (1) ~Luna Moth Wing ~Chaurus Eggs 30 000F5CB3
Invisibility Potion (2) ~Ice Wraith Teeth ~Chaurus Eggs 30 000F5CB4
Restore Health Potion (1) ~Blue Mountain Flower ~Sabre Cat Eyeball 10 000F5CAC
Restore Health Potion (2) ~Imp Stool ~Wheat 10 000F5CAD
Restore Health Potion (3) ~Blue Dragonfly Wing ~Charred Skeever Hide 10 000F5CAE
Restore Health Potion (4) ~Monarch Butterfly Wing ~Blisterwort 10 000F5CAF
Damage Health Poison (1) ~Skeever Tail ~Void Salts 20 000F5CB5
Damage Health Poison (2) ~Skeever Tail ~Small Antlers 20 000F5CB6
Damage Health Poison (3) ~Ectoplasm ~Troll Fat 20 000F5CB7
Fear Poison (1) ~Namira's Rot ~Blue Dartwing 20 000F5CC1
Fear Poison (2) ~Powdered Mammoth Tusk ~Daedra Heart 20 000F5CC2
Frenzy Poison DG ~Blisterwort ~Falmer Ear 20 xx00f39c
Paralysis Poison (1) ~Briar Heart ~Swamp Fungal Pod 50 000F5CB1
Paralysis Poison (2) ~Canis Root ~Swamp Fungal Pod 50 000F5CB2


  • Because these are bought from Merchants and not Alchemists, they may be incorrect.
  • Although Gourd is listed as an ingredient in the "Resist Frost (2)" recipe, it is not actually used as an ingredient in Alchemy or Cooking. Additionally, Fire Salts in the same recipe do not provide the resist frost effect; it instead has the weakness to frost effect.

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