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"I can help. The Earl of Imbel has a home in the Talos Plaza, on the inner wall. He is an odd one. Keeps to himself mostly. Only goes out after dark. A real night owl."

Boots of Springheel Jak is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. After fencing 800 Gold worth of stolen goods, Amusei will seek out and approach the Hero in a major city, who will then ask them to meet the Gray Fox at Ganredhel's House in Cheydinhal.


The Gray Fox wants the Hero to steal the Boots of Springheel Jak from a former thief who died 300 years ago. He knows that a descendant of Springheel Jak, Jakben, Earl of Imbel, lives in Imperial City.


Travel to the Imperial City and question any of the beggars about Jakben and where his house can be found. They will direct the Hero to the main courtyard of the Talos Plaza District, where his house is located. Jakben stays inside of his home during the day, and leaves it only during the night, starting at 10pm. He has one servant, Gemellus Axius.

In order to find more information, the Hero must reach Jakben's private quarters. Enter through the wooden door at the far end of the hall, then take the staircase leading up to the trap door to find his room. The hard locked door nearby leads to the servant's room, while the average locked door leads to a miscellaneous office. A book of the Imbel genealogy can be found on his desk within his quarters.

While this book does not provide any useful information regarding the location of the boots, a message will be prompted after reading the book that directs the Hero to ask Jakben himself about his ancestor and the boots. Upon seeing the Hero, he will be frightened, claiming he will do anything asked of him so long as he can remain unharmed. After questioning, he will inform the Hero that the boots are within the family crypts below the house. He will then give them a key that unlocks the basement, and remain cowering out of fear in his room.

After entering the basement and the crypt, one will find five leveled vampires. A vampire patriarch will be guarding the last room, located in the eastern area, that contains Springheel Jak's coffin. Upon searching this room, the Hero will come across the Diary of Springheel Jak.

After reading the diary, it becomes apparent that Jakben is the Springheel Jack himself, having escaped death through the immortality of being a vampire. He will become hostile towards the Hero and attack them in the crypts. After killing Jakben, retrieve the Boots of Springheel Jak off of his corpse, and then return to the Gray Fox in Cheydinhal for the reward.

Alternative strategy

Instead of going through the family crypts to find his diary, one may also simply kill Jakben. When attacking him, he will summon his armor and boots, which can then be looted from his corpse after. Note that attacking Jakben outright without reading his diary first will likely incur a bounty, unless no one witnesses the assault.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

Amusei has given me another message from the Gray Fox. I am to meet him at Ganrendel's house in Cheydinhal.

  • Update: After speaking to The Gray Fox:

The Gray Fox has asked me to find out where Springheel Jak is buried. This famous thief died 300 years ago. He is rumored to have owned a pair of magical boots. The story also says he was buried in those boots. A relative of his, Jakben, Earl of Imbel, lives somewhere in the Imperial City.

  • Update: After asking about Springheel Jak:

There is a descendent of Springheel Jak living in the Imperial City named Jakben, Earl of Imbel. The Gray Fox has suggested I look there for clues as to where he is buried. Once I know where to look, I am to get the boots and bring them back to the Gray Fox in Ganredhel's house in Cheydinhal.

  • Update: After talking to Jakben:

What luck! The family mausoleum for the Imbels is in the basement of the Jakben's house. The poor Earl was so terrified he told me everything I needed to know. He even gave me the key! Now to find those boots.

  • Update: After reaching the inner crypt:

The boots were not in the tomb of Springheel Jak. I did find a diary though. Maybe it can provide a clue.

  • Update: After reading the diary:

I have read Jakben Imbel's diary, or should I say Springheel Jak's diary. Now I understand why the boots were not in the tomb. Why bury such a valuable item when you can wear it? Even more shocking, it seems that Springheel Jak may have know the Gray Fox himself! They may have been partners in crime several centuries ago.

  • Update: After killing Springheel Jak:

I have the boots. Now to get back to the Gray Fox in Ganredhel's house in Cheydinhal.

  • Update: When returning to The Gray Fox:

The Gray Fox thanked me for getting him the boots. He paid me 500 gold coins for my efforts.

  • Quest complete

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  • One can get an additional 500 Gold if the Hero speaks to Armand Christophe after having the boots, but before returning and speaking to The Gray Fox. S'Krivva does not do this.
  • Springheel Jak's name, Jakben Imbel, is a play on "Jack Be Nimble," a nursery rhyme about jumping.
  • The name Springheel Jak is a reference to Spring-heeled Jack, a figure from English folklore.
  • The servant may also give hints that Jakben Imbel is a vampire. For example, he claims that his master is "finding something to eat" during the nights.
  • During the quest "The Ultimate Heist," if the Hero has a high enough Acrobatics (expert level or higher), then they will be able to keep the boots. This is due to being able to survive the fall damage without needing to wear the boots for protection, thus preventing the boots from being destroyed as a result of the fall.


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  • It is possible to freeze the game if the diary is read, dropped, and read again. If timed properly, the quest update and diary will both appear simultaneously, and the game will freeze.
  •  PC   360   It is possible that if one does not retrieve the book of genealogy first, but instead goes directly down to the crypts and finds the diary, Jakben will be wearing glass boots instead of the Boots of Springheel Jak.
  •  PC   It is possible to not fight Jakben if arrested by the city guards for breaking in. A guardsman will attempt an arrest and if the option to pay the fine or go to jail is chosen, Jakben will never show up. The same can be done by using an invisibility spell or potion, and leaving the tomb after reading his diary. As a result, it will be impossible to obtain the Boots of Springheel Jak.
    •  PC(Fix)   In the console, type prid 15300 followed by moveto player. This will cause him to appear at the Hero's location.

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