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"Worn by Tiber Septim; supposedly a gift to Talos Stormcrown from the Greybeards."
Torasa Aram, curator of the Museum of Artifacts[src]

The Boots of the Apostle are a pair of enchanted boots in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Boots of the Apostle were recovered by the Nerevarine from the ancient Dunmer stronghold, Berandas, which can be found southeast of Gnisis, Vvardenfell, Morrowind. The Imperial Cult was most interested in their recovery.


Boots of the ApostleEdit

Lalatia Varian of the Imperial Cult asks the Nerevarine to retrieve the Boots of the Apostle.

The Museum TREdit

The Boots of the Apostle are one of the artifacts the Nerevarine may sell to Torasa Aram at the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold. She offers them 27,500 GoldIcon for it.


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