Borba's Goods and Stores is a general goods store in Cheydinhal, run by Borba gra-Uzgash. Borba claims that she has "everything the adventurer needs," including not only items for sale, but helpful advice on nearby dungeons, which she will helpfully mark on the Hero's map. Upon buying the house in town, the Hero is informed that Borba's is the place to go for furnishings.

Borba gra-Uzgash has 1000 GoldIcon and will buy anything, and sells a variety of miscellaneous items. She sells the unique Cowl of the Druid. She will also sell all of the upgrades to the Cheydinhal House.


Buying a house in CheydinhalEdit

For sale is a nice two-story house near the town statue and next to Willow Bank in the southwest corner of town.



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