Located in the village of Border Watch and near the border with Elsweyr, the Border Watch Inn in southern Blackwood is run by the Khajiit S'thasa.


The ground floor contains the reception area, consisting of a large counter and bar and the rooms. On the right is the inn's famous cheese museum with several varieties of cheeses, while on the left is a dining room. Behind the counter is a Nirnroot plant.

S'thasa claims to have some of the rarest cheeses in all of Tamriel, and they are all displayed at the inn. One of these varieties, the Olroy, plays a part in the quest "Sheogorath."


She sells potatoes, cheese, and a few bottles of booze. Beds are 10GoldIcon a night. She has 50 gold and a leveled Mercantile skill.

She will also buy potions and food whilst selling only the latter. Her wares also include a high-quality blunt weapon, the best at current level and usually enchanted.

The room the Hero can rent is "number 1," the one closest to the entrance. It is spacious and contains two chests of drawers and a lower-class double bed. Room "number 2," which is locked, contains an owned double bed and an upturned table.



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