Not to be confused with Burri.

Borri is an Elder Nord and one of the Greybeards the Dragonborn meets at High Hrothgar.


He teaches the first word, Wuld, of the Whirlwind Sprint shout in the courtyard. He can utilize the shout Whirlwind Sprint to move with improved speed.


Along with the other Greybeards, the only dialogue by talking to him results in him saying "Dovahkiin..." followed by the sound of a distant bell and a violent shaking.

Dragon shoutsEdit


  • If attacked, he and his brothers retaliate with various shouts. They are difficult to battle, for they frequently use Ice Form to freeze their attackers.
  • As with many of his brothers, Borri seldom speaks, his Voice being too powerful for untrained ears.
  • He has an Amulet of Talos in his inventory.


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