Bosmer Insight is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is started as the Vestige enters Brackenleaf.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Glaras
  2. Perform the Initiation Ritual (Use the braziers and watch what happens)
  3. Talk to Glaras
  4. Capture a Falinesti Peeper
  5. Start your vision journey
  6. Talk to the Spriggan Spirit
  7. Find Brackenleaf
  8. Choose your spirit animal
  9. Hunt your prey
  10. Talk to the Spriggan spirit
  11. Confront your predator (light brazier)
  12. Talk to Brackenleaf
  13. Take a piece of Brackenleaf's heart
  14. Listen to Brackenleaf
  15. Return to Glaras
  16. Pray at the shrine you chose
  17. Talk to Glaras


Spirit AnimalEdit

Snake hunts Wolf, Tiger hunts Snake and Wolf hunts Tiger.


  • Movement Speed increased by 4%
  • Decreases Damage Taken by 5%


  • Movement Speed increased by 4%
  • Increased Weapon Damage by 5%


  • Decreases Damage Taken by 5%
  • Increases Damage Done by 5%

These bonuses last for one hour, and can be re-added by visiting a Blackbriar Blazier. These are scattered throughout Grahtwood. One such Blazier is located near the Southpoint Wayshrine.



  • The Vestige becomes a Brackenleaf Briar by following this quest.
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