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The Bosmeri Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Bosmer. As with the Altmer, the Bosmer worship Auri-El as the king of the gods, and tend to trace their lineages back to him. The most important deity in the Bosmeri pantheon, however, is Y'ffre, who is known as the "spirit of the now" (the present), in contrast with the nature of Auri-El.[1]

List of revered and worshiped gods[]


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Y'ffre the Storyteller is the defining deity of Bosmeri religion. While Auri-El might be the king of the gods, the Bosmer revere Y'ffre as the spirit of "the now," who transformed himself into the first of the Ehlnofey and established the laws of nature.[1] According to legend, Y'ffre offered the ancient Bosmer a way to defeat their enemies, providing they did not consume, harm, or harvest any of Valenwood's plants. This deal between the Bosmer and Y'ffre is known as the Green Pact, of which one of the results is the ritual called the Wild Hunt.[2] As per the "Meat Mandate" (a core tenet of the Green Pact), Bosmer are exclusively and religiously carnivorous,[3] and must consume the flesh of any fallen foe. They can also not smoke or otherwise consume any plants from Valenwood, having to resort to their signature Bugsmoke.[4]


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Auri-El the Time Dragon is the king of gods, chief of many elven pantheons. Most Altmer and Bosmer claim direct descent from Auri-El. The god took part in the creation of the mortal plane.[1]


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Ius the Extremely Agitated is a god of which the statues can be seen throughout Valenwood (and some parts of Hammerfell and Elsweyr), said to answer the prayers of animals. He is portrayed as a misshapen humanoid, carrying a rod and a large set of scales (although local worshipers do not know the reason for him to carry the scales). Legend has it that, answering to an ox's cry for help, eating the farmer that threatened its life and then disappearing. Another myth speaks of a vengeful pet wombat who asked Ius to block the gate of Rockcreek's palace with an equipment store, causing the royal family to go mad and eat one another (and the wombat).[5]


Other gods in the Bosmeri pantheon:[1]