Boti is a Nord farmer, the mother of Fastred and the wife of Jofthor. She can be found in Ivarstead tending to her crops.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Book of Love[edit | edit source]

After speaking with Fastred, the Dragonborn talks to Boti concerning her daughter's relationship with Bassianus Axius. She accepts their relationship, only wishing for whatever makes Fastred happy. Boti will help them elope to Riften if the Dragonborn decides to pair the two.

Gather Wheat[edit | edit source]

The Dragonborn can get paid to gather crops for her.

Rescue Mission[edit | edit source]

Boti is a potential captive in the quest for the Companions.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Anything you can tell me about High Hrothgar? "It's frightening living below their monastery. Sometimes I swear I can hear strange noises rolling down from up there. It sounds like thunder, but there's never any rain. What do you make of that?"
The Book of Love
Your daughter asked me to speak to you. "Oh my. Probably something about the men. We all wish we had her problems. Now, don't tell my husband, but I don't have any problem with Bassianus. Even if it means her leaving Ivarstead, I want Fastred to be happy. If they just snuck out of town together, I could manage my husband."
What would inspire them to leave? "Bassianus is still so terrified of Jolfthor. If he knew that I'd keep him from hunting the poor boy down, he'd take Fastred to Riften without a second thought. Let him know that I'll look out for them. I just want my daughter to be happy."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You must be another pilgrim on the way up to High Hrothgar. No other reason to pass through here."
  • "Pilgrim or not, If I were you, I'd move right through our backwards little town."
  • "You better not be here to stir up any trouble."
  • "And to think that we've been supplying the Greybeards with our food supplies. What have they ever done for us?"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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