For the location in Online, see Boulderfall Pass.

Boulderfall Cave is a small cave located in the Rift. It is guarded by necromancers.


Notable itemsEdit



  • Just southeast of the cave is a ruined shrine occupied by a leveled mage. On the altar is the Restoration skill book Racial Phylogeny.
  • Southwest of the cave is a broken down house with two bandits. On a table inside is The Battle of Red Mountain, a Block skill book. If Dawnguard is installed, this location becomes Redwater Den.
  • A necromage may jump off a cliff just above the road to the entrance of the cave.
  • Slightly right while facing the cave's entrance from the outside, one may see a red tattered flag raised at a rock cliff with at least two conjuration potions and a bag of gold coins.


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