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The Bound Battle Axe is a Conjuration spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Bound Battle Axe conjures a lesser Daedra bound in the form of a magical Daedric battle axe. The battle axe appears automatically equipped on the caster, returning any currently equipped weapon into the inventory.


  • This spell is useful for low level players who have the axe skill as one of their major skills, as it's more powerful than most weapons they may find near the beginning of the game.
  • When the effect ends, the battle axe disappears, and any previously equipped weapon is automatically re-equipped.
  • The bound battle axe requires two hands to wield.


  • The bound battle axe may be purchased, as well as the rest of the bound weapon and armor spells, from the Balmora Mages Guild.


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