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Bound items are created by scrolls or spells from the Conjuration line. They appear for a certain duration (varies by spell), and are automatically equipped. They are weightless and are Daedric quality. The cuirass and greaves are considered heavy armor, but all of the other bound armor pieces are considered light armor. The majority of the pieces can be obtained, as spells for custom spell purposes, or as items for glitching into permanent items, from Rune Stones.

Spells by Conjuration Rank[edit | edit source]

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Bugs[edit | edit source]

This section contains bugs related to Bound Items (Oblivion). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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There is a glitch that makes bound armors and weapons permanent. Have the bound weapon or armor on your person (through casting the spell or though a rune stone), have it become damaged (or simply be an Expert Armorer), repair it with a repair hammer, drop any of this same item type, wait out the spell and pick it/them up. You then have yourself a weightless Daedric armor. The reason for dropping all similar items is that the game is not coded to tell the difference. To clarify: with permanent Bound Boots in inventory (that can be dropped at any time), casting Bound Boots creates a new pair that must be repaired before dropping. At the expiration of the spell, the game is coded to remove the first Bound Boots it finds, regardless of permanence. There is only one exception: permanent bound items that have been enchanted; they are considered by the game to be a different type of item and are not affected.

Alternatively, (only works with bound weapons) you could go to the mages guild in the imperial city and create a spell that summons 2 bound weapons at a time. When summoning, you will only equip one of the weapons and will be able to drop the other items. If you have the magicka, you can do this to obtain all "Weightless Daedric" items.

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