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Bounty is a book in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


This is a form note, and will vary depending on the contents. When the Dragonborn has killed the indicated leader, a miscellaneous task will be assigned directing one to the steward/stewardess to collect the bounty.

The note is not a quest item. It is not necessary to have it in the Dragonborn's inventory to complete the quest or get the proper amount of Gold.


  • Can be received directly from a Jarl.
  • Can be received from the steward/stewardess of a Jarl.
  • Can be received from Innkeepers across Skyrim.


By order of (Jarl):

To all able bodied men and women of (Hold). The (Bandits/Forsworn/Dragon/Giant) located in (various locations) have been harassing ("robbing" added if Bandits or Forsworn) and attacking citizens and visitors.

A reward will be offered to anyone who kills (their leader / it).

--(signed by steward/stewardess)


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  • When you place a bounty on a bookshelf, exit the area and then return, some of the writing will have disappeared, leaving you with "By order of the Jarl" and nothing else.confirmation needed


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