Bradon Lirrian's House is a simple house located in the southwest of Bruma. Bradon Lirrian lives here with Erline Lirrian.


Bradon Lirrian's house is east of the Great Chapel of Talos. There is a small food preparation area in the northwest corner of the house consisting of a pantry and barrel for food storage and a locked chest containing random gold and/or clutter.

The southern dining area, which also has the trap door to the basement, holds miscellaneous food. Bradon Lirrian's double bed sits on the eastern wall.

In the small basement there are two clutter crates acting as steps to the trap door. On the wall next to the improvised steps is a non-respawning chest that can hold armor and weapons. There is little else in the basement of interest.


A Brotherhood BetrayedEdit

A vampire hunter named Raynil Dralas moves to Bruma and kills a townsman accused of being a vampire. His wife, Erline Lirrian, is distraught, claiming he was innocent and that the Hero must get to the bottom of the situation.


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