Braidwood Inn is a tavern in Eastmarch located in Kynesgrove.


Braidwood inn is run by Iddra, who sells food and drinks. A room can be rented from her for 10 GoldIcon for 24 hours. According to Delphine, the inn serves a "nice, dark ale."


Most of Kynesgrove's characters can be found at the Braidwood Inn while they aren't working at the Steamscorch Mine or at the crops outside it.


  • The Braidwood Inn is one of the locations where the rare book Songs of Skyrim can be found.
  • The music that plays inside is actually environmental music, rather than standard outdoor inn/tavern music.


  • The name is an easter egg, and refers to a motel in Braidwood, Illinois from the comedy movie "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," starring Steve Martin and John Candy.



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