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Brallion's Ring is a Thieves Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is part of the Bal Molagmer questline.


Gentleman Jim Stacey requests that the Nerevarine steals a ring from Brallion and return it to Ilmeni Dren in Vivec City.


  • Speak with Gentleman Jim Stacey while wearing the Bal Molagmer gloves
  • Go to Fara's Hole in the Wall in Sadrith Mora
  • Either buy the ring from Brallion or pickpocket it from him
  • Deliver the ring to Ilmeni Dren
  • Return to Gentleman Jim Stacey


Upon completion of the quest "Enamor," when speaking to Gentleman Jim Stacey while wearing the Bal Molagmer gloves, he will tell the Nerevarine that the Bal Molagmer are opposed to slavery. For this reason, he asks the Nerevarine to obtain a ring from a slaver named Brallion and deliver it to Ilmeni Dren, a secret anti-slavery activist.

Head to Sadrith Mora. You will find Brallion in Fara's Hole in the Wall, in the lower area. There are two ways to get the ring from him; you can either buy it off of him for the price of 800 gold, or you can try and pickpocket it from him. Pickpocketing will be difficult, as there are multiple people in the room who might look in the direction of Brallion. After obtaining the ring, return to Vivec city.

When back in Vivec, return the ring to Ilmeni Dren. She lives in St. Delyn Canal South-One. Make sure you are wearing the Bal Molagmer gloves as you hand it to her. She will reflect on stories she heard about the Bal Molagmer during her childhood, which will raise her disposition.

After giving her the ring, return to Gentleman Jim Stacey.


Brallion's Ring – TG_SS_GreedySlaver
IDJournal Entry
5Gentleman Jim Stacey wishes for me to do something involving a slaver in the name of the Bal Molagmer.
  • Quest accepted
10Gentleman Jim Stacey asked me to steal Brallion's ring and give it to Ilmeni Dren. Brallion is a wealthy slave-trader in the Great Market of Sadrith Mora, and Ilmeni Dren is a secret abolitionist in St. Delyn Canton in Vivec.
20I nicked Brallion's ring right off his hand. The Bal Molagmer would have been proud.
30I bought Brallion's ring from him. It was a poor investment, but the obvious duty of the Bal Molagmer.
50Ilmeni Dren accepted Brallion's ring, but questioned my knowledge of the Bal Molagmer. Perhaps I should have worn the gloves.
55Ilmeni Dren accepted Brallion's ring, and seemed to have stories of the Bal Molagmer.
100Gentleman Jim Stacey thanked me for stealing Brallion's ring and delivering it to Ilmeni Dren.
  • Quest completed
110Stacey was unhappy to learn that Ilmeni Dren is dead, and does not want the Bal Molagmer to be associated with her death.
  • Quest failed
120Stacey learned that Brallion was dead, and did not want to be associated with his death.
  • Quest failed

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