"Begone stranger! I have business with Kynareth's shrine, and I will not be disturbed."
―Bralsa Andaren[src]

Bralsa Andaren is a Dunmer who can be found near a Wayshrine of Kynareth that is northwest of Skingrad and Fort Dirich, west of Weatherleah and east of Nonungalo. She apparently resents nature and wildlife, as the Hero is required to kill bears and bring her 20 of their pelts in order to receive training.

She often runs around the shrine with an invisibility spell hunting deer with Destruction magic. If met before asking her about training, she might get killed by the local wildlife. She will not return once the Hero have been directed to her for training. She can train from Journeyman level upwards.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Destruction Training[edit | edit source]

Bralsa wants the Hero to join her in challenging the gods to prove they deserve her training. There is no need to slay 20 bears to get their pelts, as bear pelt can be bought in shops throughout Cyrodiil.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  • Once you have bought or obtained 1 bear pelt, you can duplicate it to 20 using the duplication glitch. This can be done by buying a number of magical scrolls (needs to be more than 2 scrolls or glitch will not work). If you are on Xbox 360, scroll down to the scrolls and press the A button then drop the bear pelt and the number of bear pelt dropped will be the same number of scrolls bought. The same goes for PlayStation 3, the buttons are in the same position on the controller.
  • A bug may cause Bralsa to take fewer than twenty bear pelts from you. This may be caused by having a combination of stolen and non-stolen bear pelts in your inventory. Bralsa will only take your stolen bear pelts in this case.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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