"Sorry, friend, no time to talk: my friend Saliith and I are training to be combatants in the Arena. It takes a lot of dedication to do what we do."

Branwen  is a Redguard and can be found outside of the Arena training with an Argonian named Saliith. She is the alleged daughter of Owyn, the Blademaster.

The Note[edit | edit source]

In the Arena Bloodworks in the corner to the right of the Raiment Cabinet, near Owyn, there is a crumpled up letter called "Letter From Branwen," which reads:

I know you don't believe me. I know you think I'm just some stupid kid who doesn't know what she's talking about. But the truth is the truth -- you ARE my father.
One night with a scullery maid is all it takes. Or maybe your father deserted you, too, and never taught you the basic lessons of life? Anyway, the past is long forgotten. What matters now is that you come to terms with the truth. I am your daughter, and I will join the Arena as a combatant.
Maybe someday, when I'm Grand Champion, you'll see that we have the same blood, the same tenacity. Until that day comes, I'll train every moment of every day. All I want, all I ever wanted, was to make you proud.
Your loving daughter,

Branwen And Saliith's Chest[edit | edit source]

Branwen and Saliith's chest is located near their bedrolls and a few crates outside the Arena. Get the key from Branwen or Saliith by pickpocketing or killing them. It is also possible to use lockpicks to open it, but it is a Very Hard lock.

Branwen and Saliith's Chest is filled with books (the only book that will increase an attribute is the Song of Hrormir, which increases the Blade skill) and the Bands of Kwang Lao. This item in particular is unique, being the only Enchanted "Leather Bracer" in the game. They are enchanted with Fortify Hand-to-Hand 20 pts on self.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Branwen and Saliith training in Hand to Hand combat

If Branwen and Saliith are watched long enough while they're sparring, a message appears which will say:

"By watching the Arena hopefuls spar, you've picked up a few tips! Your Hand to Hand skill has increased by 5 points."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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