Bratheru Oran is a Dunmer nightblade and Retainer-ranked member of House Hlaalu. He can be found in the waistworks of Vivec's Hlaalu Canton, where he offers his services as a spell merchant at Edryno Arethi's House.


Spell merchantEdit

Bratheru Oran has nine spells available from the Alteration and Illusion schools of magic. He offers the following spells for sale:

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Feather 10Feather
20 pts for 10 sec on self
Ondusi's Open Door 15Open
50 pts on touch
Crying Eye 2Blind
1–10 pts for 5 sec on target
Earwig 6Sound
3–8 pts for 5 sec on target
Hide 30Invisibility
30 sec on self
Night-Eye 6Night-Eye
20 pts for 30 sec on self
Paralysis 10Paralyze
5 sec on touch
Shadow Form 16Chameleon
6–15 pts for 30 sec on self
Sotha's Grace 3Sanctuary
1–20 pts for 5 sec on self


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