Bravil Recommendation is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. As part of Join the Mages Guild, the Hero must get a recommendation from each city's Mages Guild Hall. Kud-Ei will say that Varon Vamori stole a mage's staff, and it must be retrieved.


This quest involves Persuasion. Scrolls of Beguile are given to help if the Hero's Speechcraft is too low.

Mages GuildEdit

Find the thief Varon Vamori, and persuade him to return the staff he stole. When he has been persuaded (~70 disposition), he will reveal that he sold the staff to Soris Arenim in the Imperial City. Upon discovering this, the Hero must report it to Kud-Ei, who tells them to go fetch it.

Imperial CityEdit

Find Soris Arenim in the Imperial City – he lives with his wife in the Talos Plaza District. Persuade him to around 70, and he will sell the staff for 200 GoldIcon, but won't consider anything less. After getting the staff, the Hero can pickpocket their gold back if they choose to.

Alternate optionEdit

As he won't just hand it over, if the Hero of Kvatch doesn't want to pay him, there's another option available. Have a chat with his wife, Erissare Arenim. Get her disposition up, and she'll say that he has the staff stowed away in some locked drawers in the basement. The key can be found in a desk upstairs. Wait until they've gone to bed, then pay another surreptitious visit and liberate the staff.

Take the staff back to Kud-Ei who'll happily provide the recommendation and will also teach the captivate spell. Coincidentally, the staff set to be recovered is enchanted to Charm.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After receiving the quest:

I've been given a charm scroll, and need to use it to help persuade Varon Vamori in Bravil to return Ardaline's staff.

  • Update: After talking with Varon Vamori:

Varon Vamori admitted to taking Ardaline's staff, but has sold it to a friend in the Imperial City. I need to deliver this news to Kud-Ei.

  • Update: After talking with Kud-Ei:

Kud-Ei has given me several more scrolls, and asked me to get the staff back. I need to find Soris Arenim in the Imperial City.

  • Update: After speaking with Soris Arenim's wife about the staff:

I've spoken with Erissare Aremin. She told me that Soris has the staff in the basement of their house.

  • Update: After speaking to Soris Arenim:

I've spoken with Soris Arenim. He will not give back the staff, but will sell it for 200 gold. If I choose to buy it back, I need to pay him the money.

  • Update: After paying Soris Arenim for the staff:

I've paid Soris Arenim, and he has given me Ardaline's staff. I need to deliver the staff to Kud-Ei in Bravil.

  • Update: After stealing the staff:

I've stolen the staff from Soris Arenim's house. I need to deliver it to Kud-Ei in Bravil.

  • Update: When finishing the quest:

I have delivered Ardaline's staff to Kud-Ei, and have earned a recommendation for it.

  • Quest complete


  • If the Thieves Guild has been joined before beginning the quest, Varon Valmori will already have near-full or full disposition.
  • The Hero can also sneak downstairs on their own and pick the lock (Hard), and steal the staff.
  • Another option is to pickpocket the key off of Soris Arenim which will open the basement door, allowing the Hero to take the staff.


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  • It is possible to accidentally receive the quest "Through a Nightmare, Darkly" due to a dialogue prompt saying that Kud-Ei has a problem. This may potentially prevent her from displaying her Recommendation dialogue, preventing the Hero of Kvatch from joining the guild.
  • To solve this, the hero must complete "Through a Nightmare, Darkly." Sometimes, Kud-Ei's dialogue still won't allow you to speak of the recommendation. Waiting 24 hours should fix this.

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