The Skooma Den is a small two floor apartment in Bravil where several skooma addicts can be found drinking. The door is locked, but the lock can be picked. It is above a ground level house near A Warlock's Luck and the Bravil Fighters Guild. One can see the skooma addicts drinking from a Large Purple Flask and is an easy way to discover the location of the den as they will most often be outside of the Den on the second or first floor.


The Den is a good source of skooma, as the inhabitants all carry around ten bottles of it, and will not care if the Hero pick-pockets them, with the exception of Roxanne Brigette, she will report the crime. In addition to the inhabitants, there are several chests with skooma inside.

There are four beds upstairs, and one down stairs, none of which are owned, meaning that if the Hero would like, they can sleep here as often as they want. Every Sundas, the Count's son, Gellius Terentius, visits the Skooma Den to drink skooma. The other inhabitants all sleep in the Den. The inhabitants of the Den do nothing all day every day except drink skooma.





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  • The people outside the Skooma Den will sometimes have no lips when they drink so their teeth can be seen. Also the Purple Skooma flask they specifically drink may also disappear as they are drinking it.
  • They can still talk while drinking Skooma.


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