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"We're all trying to become better mages right? Well I need somebody I can practice a few spells on."
Brelyna Maryon

Brelyna's Practice is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Brelyna Maryon is in need of someone to test her spells upon, and asks for the Dragonborn to help. Completing this quest opens up Brelyna as both a follower and potential spouse.


Brelyna Maryon has asked me to act as a test subject while she practices some new spells. Her first ended badly, but she has assured me that if I let her try one more time, it will work out. I should find her once her spell has worn off.


  1. Wait for Brelyna's spell to wear off
  2. Speak to Brelyna


Speak to Brelyna Maryon after the quest "Under Saarthal" is completed, then agree to let her test out her spells. If she is asked for something in return, one will receive a leveled enchanted necklace. However, the necklace will still be given even if she is not asked for a reward.

After Brelyna casts her first spell, one's vision will take on a greenish hue. Brelyna apologizes, and tells the Dragonborn that the effects should wear off within a few hours.

Wait for two to four hours, then return to Brelyna. She assures the Dragonborn that she will get the spell right and that this will be her last test. Once the spell has been cast, the camera will switch into third person. The Dragonborn will then be transformed into a number of animals found in Skyrim. Afterwards, she will return the Dragonborn to their original state, stating that she will abandon this line of study.

Once Brelyna is spoken to again, she will tell the Dragonborn that she has a long road ahead of her before she'll be able to use the magic she's been studying, but she now knows where to start, thanks to their hard work and assistance. She will then reward the Dragonborn with a leveled enchanted necklace if they have not already received it. Afterwards, she will become available as a follower and spouse for marriage.


When the spell is active, the following effects will take place until it expires:

  • The environment will appear bright green. The effect will remain active when activating menus, opening containers, and looting corpses, and entering buildings. Loading Screens, the Map, Skills menu and custom waypoints however, will not be affected.
  • Items in the environment will appear slightly brighter or darker, depending on their color. Items in the Dragonborn's inventory menu and items in containers and corpses however, will not be affected, and therefore keep their color. Dropped items however, will be affected, and equipped weapons and armor will be affected as well.
  • Spells, staves, and enchanted weapons will lose some of the color on them, but some of the color will remain, and the effects themselves will not be affected. The slight color loss will apply to torches as well.
  • If done at night, the effects will be slightly different than if done during the day, with the main difference being darkness instead of sunlight.


After the spell expires, these effects will take place during the scene when the Dragonborn gets transformed into the various animals:

  • The camera will automatically shift into third person if Brelyna is spoken to in first person. If done in third person, nothing will happen. Once the scene is complete, it will always end in third person camera.
  • The Dragonborn will not be able to move or activate the Favorites or Character Menus, but will be able to pause and rotate the camera.


Brelyna's Practice – MGRAppBrelyna01
ID Journal Entry
20 Brelyna Maryon has asked me to act as a test subject while she practices some new spells. Her first ended badly, but she has assured me that if I let her try one more time, it will work out. I should find her once her spell has worn off.
  • Objective 20: Wait for Brelyna's spell to wear off
  • Objective 30: Speak to Brelyna
200 After two attempts at helping Brelyna with trying out new spells, she has agreed that perhaps she should work a bit more before trying anything else.
  • Quest complete
  • Quest failed



This section contains bugs related to Brelyna's Practice. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  /  XB1  ,  PS3  /  PS4  ,  PC  /  MAC  ,  NX  /  PS5  ,  XS  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
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  • If Brelyna's casting path is obstructed by an object other than the Dragonborn, they will be stuck permanently waiting for the effects to wear off.
    •  PC (Fix)   Enter the console command setstage MGRappBrelyna01 30 to force the quest to the next stage, where the spell has worn off.
    •  360   PS3   In other cases, if the spell is obstructed, there will be a five to ten second wait, then Brelyna will continue trying to change the Dragonborn back, automatically changing them back to ones chosen race.
    • If the Dragonborn is invisible after the last phase of the quest (needed for the simulation of being transformed into an animal), this can be fixed by the console command player.setactoralpha 100. This can also be fixed by using the Shout Become Ethereal, or using the Philter of the Phantom potion.
  • If the Dragonborn is currently under the effects of the Atronach Stone, which gives a 50% absorb spells effect, it may cause her spells casted on them not to work, breaking the quest.
    • Solution: Remove the Atronach Stone effect by activating a different Standing Stone prior to attempting the quest.
  • The Dragonborn may be able to cast channeling spells (e.g. Sparks) for an unlimited duration. This is caused by receiving an active effect "Fortify Magicka: 100+ Magicka for 2 hours." To fix this, sleep or wait.
    • However, if the Dragonborn has selected the Atronach perk from the Alteration skill tree, there is a large chance they will be unaffected by any spell Brelyna casts, and must use the console commands to either advance the quest (see above) or remove the Atronach perk.
  • Sometimes, when Brelyna casts the first spell, nothing will happen, leaving the Dragonborn to be stuck waiting for it to wear off. Using console commands to advance the quest is the only known way to fix this.
    • Reading an Elder Scroll will cause the spell to wear off, regardless of the amount of time left.
  • The Dragonborn may not change form during the second practice if their Alteration skill is too advanced. However, Brelyna may sometimes continue the dialogue, even though no transformation is taking place, resulting in the completion of the quest.
    • (Occurred under the following conditions: Alteration 100, with the Perk Magic Resistance at (3/3) and the Atronach perk (spell absorption 30%).)
  • Brelyna may miss while attempting to turn the Dragonborn back, thus causing them to stay as a particular animal.
  • The Dragonborn may be turned invisible and not be turned back. There is no confirmed way to fix this.