Not to be confused with Bruma.
"Let me guess. Looking to hear my life story? Hoping we can be best friends, clasp hands and go on a killing spree? I propose an alternative. Step away from me or we'll need a broom to clean up your remains."

Brema is a Dunmer assassin residing in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.


Welcome HomeEdit


The Wrath of SithisEdit



  • "So much whining over a few dead Brotherhood members. It's quite simple: they failed. Why mourn the loss of weakness?"
  • "I honestly hope The Black Dragon finds me. That armor would fetch a fine price. I'll have to be sure not to melt her inside it when I kill her. Maybe best to stick to frost spells …."
  • "Look, no offense, but I didn't exactly fall into the whole "family" thing. I'm here to work. Unless my job is to kill you, I don't see what we have to talk about."


  • Dialogue with The Black Dragon shows that Brema betrayed the sanctuary's location before she was killed.


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