Not to be confused with Breduin.
"My favorite drinking buddy! Let's get some mead."


Brenuin is a Redguard beggar and drunkard who lives in the city of Whiterun.


Argonian Ale ExtractionEdit

He asks the Dragonborn to steal an Argonian Ale from The Bannered Mare.


Town beggarEdit

Carlotta: "How goes the begging today, Brenuin?"
Brenuin: "That's right, mock the town beggar like everyone else. But I've got a right to browse, don't I? I ain't hurtin' anyone."
Carlotta: "Make it quick, then. I don't want your stink driving my customers away."

Brenuin: "The gods smile on them who show charity. Best you remember that."

Heart of MaraEdit

Carlotta: "And what might you be looking at?"
Brenuin: "Oh, the fruit looks so good. So juicy."
Carlotta: "No handouts today, Brenuin. Now scat. You'll scare off my paying customers."
Brenuin: "Oh, just one apple, Carlotta? Just one tiny apple. I'll pay you tomorrow, I swear it."
Carlotta: "That's what you said last week, and the week before that. Now go, before I call a guard."
Brenuin: "No, no! Don't do that. No need to do that. I'm going. See? I'm leaving. No guards, please."
Carlotta: "Look, come back tomorrow, okay? If I have anything left that's not sold or spoiled, you can have it."

Brenuin: "You've got the heart of Mara herself, you know that? Thank you, Carlotta. Thank you."

The taste of meatEdit

Anoriath: "I don't suppose you're going to buy something this time?"
Brenuin: "Just browsin' today. If the gods be kind, someone will take mercy on me and spare a few Septims."
Anoriath: "If they do, promise you'll actually purchase something for once."

Brenuin: "By Ysmir, I will. Gods know it's been too long since I tasted real meat."

Down on luckEdit

Brenuin: "Spare a coin for a fellow Nord who's down on his luck?"
Ysolda: "So you can spend it on drinks at the Bannered Mare? If it's food you need, ask for that instead."
Brenuin: "Never you mind, then. I'll find a more charitable soul."

Ysolda: "That's what I thought."


  • "I ain't done nothin'."
  • "That Heimskr's crazy. Him and his talk o' Talos. Wish he'd just shut up."
  • "What do you want?"
  • "Sure. Whatever."
  • "I don't owe you money, do I?"
  • "What? Why you lookin' at me?"
  • "You know... you ain't so bad. Here. Take this."


  • Whiterun market-stall owners are occasionally overheard yelling at him; most notably Ysolda, who will sometimes refuse to give him GoldIcon for alcohol.
  • If the Dragonborn helps Brenuin and he dies, a courier will give a Letter of Inheritance for 100 GoldIcon (-10 from the Jarl's tax) to the Dragonborn, which is quite a hefty sum for a beggar.
  • Despite being a Redguard, when Brenuin converses with Ysolda he states that he is a Nord. This may be an inconsistency left over from changes and adaptations across the course of the game's development.
  • Brenuin appears to be homeless, and is never seen sleeping; instead, he wanders around the city or loiters in the Whiterun Marketplace.
  • According to Lucia, Brenuin is the only one in Whiterun who cares for her and he got Lucia into begging; however, he offers no dialogue concerning her, presumably because she is from the Hearthfire add-on.


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  • Sometimes Brenuin will be in stealth mode.
  • If spoken to at midnight, he may follow the Dragonborn home if one owns Breezehome, and will stay there. A way to fix this is to reload the autosave from entering Breezehome.


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