Briehl is a Nord acolyte and staunch follower of Mara in Riften.


He serves in the Temple of Mara as an acolyte. In order to receive Mara's Blessing he redirects the Dragonborn to Maramal or Dinya Balu.


The Bonds of MatrimonyEdit

Briehl prepares and attends the wedding ceremony between the Dragonborn and their spouse of choice inside the Temple of Mara in Riften.



Which of the Eight Divines do you serve? "This temple is dedicated to Mara, and the light of love she shines on us all. I'm only a humble acolyte, though. If you wish to avail yourself of Mara's blessing, you should speak with Dinya Balu or Maramal."


  • If any of the other priests are killed or coins are stolen from chests in the temple, he will send hired thugs after the Dragonborn.


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