Bright Moons, Warm Sands is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, and acts as the tutorial for those who have bought the chapter. It is the precursor to "A Rage of Dragons" and only activates for new players, immediately after character creation.


I awoke in Star Haven Adeptorium, home to an order of peaceful, Khajiit adepts. It seems that I was asleep for many days, recovering from a devastating Dragon attack.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Look around
  2. Find the Letter
  3. Read the Letter
  4. Take the Key
  5. Leave the room
  6. Talk to Ma'jha-dro
  7. Take the Training Sword
  8. Equip the Training Sword
  9. Meet Ma'jha-dro in the Gardens
  10. Talk to Ma'jha-dro
  11. Spar with Ma'jha-dro
  12. Follow Ma'jha-dro
  13. Go to the Catacombs
  14. Traverse the Catacombs
  15. Rescue the Adepts
  16. Talk to Izjadi
  17. Find the Dragonhorn
  18. Sound the Dragonhorn
  19. Go to the Adeptorium
  20. Battle the Dragon
  21. Escape Star Haven
  22. Talk to Ma'jha-dro


The Vestige awakens in a small room with a letter from Abnur Tharn nearby. Read the letter and take the key, then talk with Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro (and optionally Zamarak as well).

Take the training sword in the room to the south, and meet Ma'jha-dro outside for training.

After the dragon attacks, head to the catacombs. Sneak (crouch) and attack the skeleton from behind, then enter the Halls of Eternal Rest. Take some weapons and armor from the racks at the junction, then take either route.

There are a few Euraxian Necromancers and Bone Flayers throughout the catacombs. Deeper in, the Relic Vault can be lockpicked—doing so gives experience and access to additional gear.

Head into the Tomb of the Grand Adepts. Defeat Captain Carvain and speak with Adept Izjadi. She sends the Vestige to the Dragonhorn Tower. Go into Star Haven Grounds, fighting or avoiding the Euraxian soldiers, and go up the ladder. Blowing the horn will destroy it, but not before grounding the dragon.

Head back down and into the Adeptorium. Here, the dragon (Bahlokdaan) must be fought, with the Grand Adept healing the Vestige and Zamarak attacking with a bow. The dragon has a great deal amount of health, but will only need to be fought for some time before Kaalgrontiid calls him away.

Head past where the dragon fled and into the courtyard. Speak with Ma'jha-dro to obtain the reward.




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