Template:SkyrimNPCs Brill is a Nord who lives in in Whiterun. He resides in the Companions' headquarters, Jorrvaskr, but he is not a member himself.


Brill stays with the Companions because he was once saved by Vignar Gray-Mane and now he offers his services to him. If the Dragonborn sides with the Stormcloaks and takes Whiterun, then Brill will become the new steward of Dragonsreach, where he may be found at the Dragonsreach Great Porch.


  • If Brill is currently the Steward of Whiterun and you want to buy a house from him, your game may crash once you select the "Buy a House" text option. There is no known fix.
  • During the quest Battle for Whiterun, Brill may appear naked and dead in the street, rendering Breezehome unavailable for purchase since there is no steward. (The only known solution is the 'resurrect' console command) Note: Brill found in such a way is said to be "Empty" but if made into a Dead Thrall, he will soon become clothed and wield an axe.
  • During the werewolf rampage quest for the Companions, Brill has been seen assassinating a passersby in plain sight.
  • It is sometimes possible to attack and kill Brill in The Bannered Mare with no bounty whatsoever. For this to happen, you must attack him before you complete the Civil War questline.
  • If Brill is killed and the Stormcloaks take over Whiterun, Proventus Avenicci will become steward again.
  • Brill may be found dead on the street outside Jorrvaskr after the mission "The Silver Hand," the cause of this is unknown.
  • When approaching him, he may start panicking automatically starting an unfinishable Dawnguard Rescue quest. To avoid this, you must first acquire the quest from Florentius, then rescue Brill.
  • It is possible that after you buy Breezehome from Brill, he will not give you the option to decorate your home.
    • The fix to this may be to talk to him in throne room. Stewards don´t usually sell furnishings while in quarters.
    • Another fix is to kill Brill, and buy the upgrades from Proventus Avenicci, in the Blue Palace basement.


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