Brina Cross Inn is a tavern located along the main road north of Anvil. The layout is much like Faregyl Inn or many others with three rooms upstairs and a bedroom connected to the taproom. One can find food and rest while on the road. 


This Inn is run by Christophe Marane and costs 10 GoldIcon a night for a room. Christophe sells food and alcohol and offers journeyman training in Blunt. Kiara idles away her time here.

A Chestnut Horse sits between the inn and a stable area with many crates and barrels.

Flora are limited in the area. Some milk thistle plants can be found north-northeast of the inn, a couple of bergamot plants west of the inn behind a boulder, a couple of arrowroot plants and an aloe vera plant lies south of the inn.


The crops that can be harvested here are:


These quests involve the Brina Cross Inn or start there:



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