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Brindle Home is a small settlement west of Gottlesfont Priory in the Great Forest. The inhabitants are Torbal the Sufficient, Astante, Merildor, Melus Petilius, and four horses, two paint horses and two black horses.


The settlement is made up of three houses. The actual houses of Brindle Home are far apart, and this seems to increase the villager's vulnerability to attack from wild animals.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Nirnroot plant can be found inside Torbal the Sufficient's House.
  • The Black Arrow, Book I, Acrobatics skill book, which is in Torbal the Sufficient's House.
  • All three of the inhabitants (Merildor, Atante, and Torbal) appear to have significant loot, whether in quality gear or gold.


Molag BalEdit

The Daedric Princes, Molag Bal, wishes to see Melus Petilius, a former adventurer and hero of the people, suffer. Molag Bal will send the hero to Brindle Home and trick Melus into killing them with a Cursed Mace.


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