"Sissel thinks she's so special. No way she's more special than me."


Britte is a Nord child and a resident of Rorikstead along with her family.


She and her twin sister, Sissel, can be found running around the village. Their father Lemkil often complains about how little they help him with his farm. She often complains about her sister and assures the Dragonborn that she will not tell if they beat up Sissel.


If Lemkil is killed, both Britte and her sister, Sissel, will be sent to Honorhall Orphanage. If Hearthfire is installed, the Dragonborn can Adopt them.


  • "If you beat up my sister, Sissel, I won't tell."
  • "I'm the older sister, by nearly five minutes. Sissel's barely worthy to walk in my shadow."


Britte "You're gonna get it Sissel!"
Sissel "Why? What did I do?"
Britte "I told you to weed the garden by sunset, and you didn't do it. Now you're in big trouble."
Sissel "Papa told you to do that, not me! Now leave me alone!"


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