Broken Bottles is a support card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


The card is unobtainable and is only given to both player and the opponent during "Chapter 13 - The Brawl" of the Campaign.



The card does 1 damage to a random enemy at the start of each turn. If the enemy has a card with a high attack power and low defenses, a bottle striking it can easily weaken or destroy it. It can also be used to wound creatures, which will allow for some of your possible cards, such as Finish Off and Leaflurker, to trigger their wound-related ability. If it attacks your enemy directly, be cautious, as it may destroy a rune and draw a card, possibly a Prophecy.


When defending against the bottles, it will always attack you or one of your cards. To avoid this, placing a number of weak and cheap cards can dispel the bottles towards them and significantly lower the chances of hitting you or your better cards.

This can be used to your advantage, as when it hits you it can destroy a rune and activate a prophecy. When it hits one of your cards, a damage-induced card mechanic like Last Gasp or the destruction of Breton Conjurer's ward can activate something to your advantage.



  • A unique animation of green bottle emerging from the card, being thrown in the air while spinning, and landing at a random enemy occurs at the start of each turn.


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