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For other uses, see Broken Helm Hollow.

Broken Helm Hollow is a small cave located on the southeast side of the mountain southeast of Riften.

The entrance is to the left of a large waterfall that is the location for the treasure marked by Treasure Map IX. There are two bandit guards outside with another three along with their leader inside. There are two corundum ore veins in the cave. One located north of the cooking place and the other is located behind a secret door.

There is a pull-chain near the rear of the cave that opens a passage to a torture room with the corpse of Leifnarr, which is found during the quest "Flight or Fight."

Whirlwind Sprint can be used to run from the ramp up to the chest area to the rock shelf on the northwest side of the cave where there are two imp stool nodes and a Namira's rot node.

The location is one of the locations in the area that is closest to the Morrowind border.


Flight or Fight[]

A possible location in which Leifnarr, Grosta's missing husband, is being held.

Rescue Mission[]

A possible location in which Hemming Black-Briar is being held.


A possible location for the Wuuthrad fragment.

Shalidor's Insights[]

A possible location for the Shalidor's Insights.

Stealing Plans[]

A possible location for the Silver Hand Stratagem.

Striking the Heart[]

A possible location to assassinate a Silver Hand lieutenant.

The Break of Dawn[]

A possible location in for the Meridia's Beacon.

Ancient Technology DG[]

A possible location for the Dwemer schematics.

Notable items[]



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  • It is possible to discover Leifnarr's corpse before receiving the objective from his wife Grosta to do so. This will cause problems with the quest marker.
  •  PC   When doing the "Retrieval" quest, the game crashes when Broken Helm Hollow is entered, making it impossible to finish the quest.
    •  PC (Fix)   The quest can be completed by typing setstage cr11 10 and then setstage cr11 20 in the console.