Broken Limb Camp is a giant's encampment found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The camp is located near the convergence of the White River and the Darkwater River, north-northwest of Darkwater Crossing. The camp is inhabited by two giants. It also has an unlocked chest.

Behind the chest, up the hill a little, a nest with an egg in it can be found. From the nest, facing uphill, go to the left towards some hot springs. Just beyond the springs is a silver ore vein against a small cliff.



  • The best method for fighting the giant(s) here is to lure one to the nearby cliff. When it's near the edge, quickly run behind it and use Unrelenting Force to push it into the river far below. The giant will float for a few moments before drowning.
  • Spell Tome: Dread Zombie may appear inside the big chest if the Dragonborn's level is over 40.


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