Broken Wing is a location in Hammerfell seen in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey, accessed through Ghast's Pass.


Upon reaching the entrance, the Hero will be hit by a barrage of arrows. Once inside, it is possible to head west, to a series of pillars where you will face off with archers hidden behind a false wall. In the south-east, there is a cell block with four doors corresponding to four levers, which will release animals inside and allow access to treasure. By going to the center of the map, the hero will find a large pit where a Spire Thief will walk into and levitate before disappearing, revealing the doorway to the second zone.[1]

In the second zone, there are a number of areas to find treasure, but doing so requires jumping over very large gaps and can be quite difficult, as well as dealing with more Spire Thieves and Wormmouths. In the south-west, a Skeleton Key is among the treasure that can be found. In the north-west is Perosius, who possess the Shadowkey of the level. Two Shadowgates can be found in this area.



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