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Bruma is a town located in the province of Cyrodiil.


Bruma recently came under siege by Dremora from Cloud Ruler Temple. There are several quests to help the citizens fight back and collect supplies to endure the siege.

The town's interim Prefect sent missives to both Grand Warlord Dortene of the Daggerfall Covenant and Grand Warlord Zimmeron of the Ebonheart Pact requesting assistance and pledging allegiance to whichever side who would drive the Dremora back. However, the messenger sent to Zimmeron was killed near the Gate of Chim, his missive undelivered. 



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  • Completing all 10 quests begun in Bruma will earn the "Bruma Adventurer" achievement, which counts towards the "Cyrodiil Adventurer" and "Hero of Tamriel" achievements.
  • From Update 11, it will be possible to capture this town as part of the Alliance War.[1]



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