"Guild members who have access to the University can craft their own spells, not to mention chat with the most important people in the guild."
Jeanne Frasoric[src]

The Bruma Mages Guild is located in western Bruma on the second tier. The Bruma Mages Guild have trainers who train hopefuls in various types of magic. The Bruma chapterhouse has no definite school of magic, instead having various. The Guild also sells various schools of spells.

History[edit | edit source]

The Hero may come to the Guild to get his recommendation. He passed the recommendation quest with flying colors by finding the missing guild member J'skar, who it turns out was playing a trick on the Guild Hall Leader, Jeanne Frasoric because she can't perform magic well but lords her position over the rest of the guild members at the Bruma chapterhouse of the Mages Guild.

During the Necromancy Purge the chapterhouse was stormed by Mannimarco, his necromancers, and his horde of undead soldiers. All of the guild members except J'skar died defending the guild. J'skar survived only because he turned himself invisible when all was lost.

Guild members[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Once "A Plot Revealed" has completed, the Bruma Mage's Guild is forever lost and continuously on fire on the inside, regardless of how much time has passed after the quest.
  • It is possible that Bruma's hall has no magic specialization because in the Mages Guild quest "A Plot Revealed," Mannimarco storms the guild hall and slays everyone in it, leaving J'skar as the sole survivor. Thus, any special spells or training it might have offered would be lost and inaccessible to the player.
  • The Bruma Mages Guild is incredibly useful due to the fact that at night it becomes almost completely deserted, leaving the entire area open to any aspiring thieves. The guild contains an incredible amount of interesting books, alchemical tools, ingredients, and valuable items. It can even be done in daytime. If looting downstairs, simply close the door behind when going in and pilfer whatever one wants. Once line of sight with a Mage Guild member is broken, they can steal anything they want. While it is true that one cannot sell most of what one take to merchants, Thieves Guild members may buy them, and the ingredients can be used for potions.

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