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A Bug Lamp is a miscellaneous item in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This item provides a portable light source which can be carried in the left hand while traveling.


Each lamp casts a light based on the color of its flame. The brightness of the light, the radius of the light, and how long the light lasts, varies depending on the type of lamp.

  • Color of light provided: Blue, Yellow, Red
  • Duration of light provided: Varies

Any lantern that is actively being carried when entering water, will be destroyed.


Item ID Value GoldIcon Weight WeightIcon Light Radius Duration
light_de_buglamp_01 0 0.0 128 in. Infinite
light_de_buglamp_01_64 0 0.0 64 in. Infinite
light_de_buglamp_01_off 12 3.0 128 in. 120 sec.



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