"Yeah. Buy a goddam book. It's a bookstore, ain't it? Don't just go peeking at them! Buy one! I'm Bugak gro-Bol, and I say you better buy a goddam book. And right away, dammit!"
―Bugak gro-Bol[src]

Bugak gro-Bol, is an Orsimer, and the owner of the Southern Books book shop in Leyawiin. He is also an Apprentice level Blunt trainer. Because Bugak is an Orc and the owner of a book store, he is made fun of by other Orcs coming by the store, much to his annoyance. He claims to have been called, among other things, a "sissy scroll-scribbler" by these Orcs.[1]


Leyawiin "I am SICK of Orcs coming in here and giving me the business. 'Ooh. Bugak got a book store. Ooh. Bugak's a sissy scroll-scribbler!'"



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