• First, be sure to install the latest patch (currently v1.2). People can get more information at the patches page.
    • Important note: Many of these bugs, glitches, and exploits have been fixed as of the patch v1.2.
  • Ensure that a bug is widespread among other users (and not just a problem with one person's system setup), or has been confirmed as a real bug.

Using the consoleEdit

For more information on using the console and its commands, see Console Commands (Oblivion).

For PC users, some of the bugs on this page can be circumvented using the console, specifically the bugs where Item X is needed but doesn't show up. To open the console, simply press the tilde key (~), which is the key to the left of the '1' key and below the 'Esc' key. Some have stated that the at (@) key (the '2' key) can also open the console.


This section contains bugs related to Bugs (Oblivion). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  ,  NX  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.

Cannot use container interface correctlyEdit

 PC   Because the loot/sell interface does not work correctly, players cannot interact with containers or shopkeepers correctly. Upon clicking anywhere, the interface exits. This bug has been found in after patch v.1.2.0416

Shopkeepers: Cannot sell or haggle items.

Containers: Cannot loot items using 'activate' button and cannot use 'take all' button. Also, cannot put items in containers. A partial solution for looting is to use the standard arrow-keys and 'Enter'/'Return' button to individually select and take loot.

Full Solution: Change the left-mouse button in the 'Controls' section to anything but 'Activate' and the regular mouse functions will work. (assuming any other function works. If not, use 'Attack')

Game freezesEdit

 360   Upon loading a save game, Oblivion runs fine. Freezing occurs three to four minutes into playing (ex; talking to townspeople, etc.). Another instance is a frozen black screen after entering or exiting buildings and fast traveling. During the freeze, on Xbox 360; the dashboard doesn't show up and the player cannot interact with the console at all, the only solution being to turn it off. Unconfirmed on PC and PS3 versions.confirmation needed

Solution: Holding down the Y button on the loading screen will clear the loading cache, making the game playable again, but may delete the save.

PC Crash: There is a bug that crashes the game by toggling a NPC's collision then using "tcl" while they are selected in the console talk to them, open the console while the talk menu is loaded then kill them with the command "kill." Oblivion will crash.

Disk read errorsEdit

 360   PS3   These seem to occur on the Xbox 360 and PS3 version from time to time even with a clean, unscratched copy of the game. This bug may very well have to do with the console itself rather than the disk, but is notable, as it occurs on many consoles.

Solution: Save fairly often (this should be done anyway in case of death). It helps to make sure that the game itself is set to auto-save frequently. If a disk read error happens, restart the game, and it should play fine. If it continues, the problem seems to go away if the player removes, cleans, and re-inserts the disk. On Xbox 360, going into the memory, having the selection over "Hard Drive," push Y for options, and then clear system cache. This will make the game readable. However, some of the downloadable content might not work, in which case the player will have to re-download them, and some save games might not work.

Other solution: The player can also try cleaning their lens, even with Oblivion's many Disk Read Errors it is most often caused by a dusty lens (as are a few other Xbox titles excessively prone). They can try doing a "thorough" cleaning with a can of air (YouTube has a few methods geared for the 360). At the least this should lessen the frequency. Even just "blowing" inside the disk tray can help.

Seemingly endless "enemy nearby" or "guards pursuing you" messagesEdit

If when the player tries to wait, they get either of the aforementioned messages, commit a crime and pay the fine (a petty crime, obviously) and they should be able to wait and fast travel again, or they could just use save/load.

Use the console~, and type "swdp." This should list a group of people currently detecting them. Whoever isn't physically present (i.e. Imperial Watch), is who the player will want to find, and talk to. Often they will run up to the player, as if to confront them, but the result will be the same as if the player started a conversation. For this reason, if they commit a crime in, say; the Imperial City, its often a good idea to get rid of the bounty while still there, and talk to a guard afterwards. To test if they still have the issue, try to wait. Usually this fix works.

See this thread for more details, including how to extract from the proprietary Installshield .cab files: here. However, this may not work due to the issue with the console involving Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Mages Guild - Cheydinhal RecommendationEdit

This has been found on several forums for both PC and Xbox 360 versions.

If this quest is not completed within three game days of starting the quest, the item the player is looking for will disappear (probably as part of the normal three-day cell reset routine) from the place where they are supposed to search, and therefore makes the Mages Guild quest impossible to complete.

Another bug which has been confirmed happens when the player takes the Ring of Burden off Vidkun's body and drop it before the journal update appears. This results in the quest not being able to be finished. The only way to fix this is to reload from a previous save game.

Solution: The player can use the cheat player.additem 0002E5AC 1 to fix this (it gives them the ring - then just walk into the building and talk to Deetsan).

Mages Guild - Arcane University - A Mage's StaffEdit

By falling off the island (near the staff) instead of fighting the necromancers, the player will be forced to return to Wellspring Cave again to regain access to the island. When they return, the necromancers will be gone and they will be unable to finish the quest. More information can be found on the discussion page for this quest. If the Hero has a high Acrobatics skill and a lot of patience,they can jump their way up the side of the island and continue the quest as normal.

Solution: Either re-load a previous save or use "setstage 000e4e14 30" in the console.

Thieves Guild - May the Best Thief WinEdit

On the PC version there is a bug in this quest. Methredhel gets to the diary almost immediately, and although the map indicates that the book is in her chest in her house, it does not appear in the chest when it is opened. It is not possible to pickpocket Methredhel for it since she is not carrying it. Even after thirty days Methredhel never takes the diary to Armand, and the secondary method of entering the Guild is never triggered. It is therefore impossible to join the Thieves Guild should this bug happen. An interesting version of this bug is when Methredhel doesn't get the diary immediately. This could happen if she gets interrupted by another NPC, or when she gets stuck on a "glitch spot" - a spot where an NPC will be stuck and unable to move. Another solution is to have a high Athletics skill, and as long as the player knows where they are going, they can beat Methredhel there. It doesn't actually matter if she beats them there or not. Methredhel is always in sneak mode in the house, so all they have to do is run to the desk that the diary is in and take it (no sneaking is needed).

Use the cheat "player.additem 000355ED 1" or use "movetoqt 1" to get the diary and give it to Armand to complete the quest and join the guild.

Another way to complete this is for the player to talk to the beggar and get the location, then fast-travel there. Run full-tilt for the door, though she will likely beat them there. Go in after her (having the Tower Stone active helps open the door, though it is not necessary as long as they have enough lockpicks or the Skeleton Key) and she will still be in sneak mode, in an empty floor of the house. Just leave sneak mode and dash past her to the desk, where the diary is. She never breaks sneak, the house owner is never downstairs to see the player un-sneaking, and Methredhel doesn't care if they are visible to her when they get it. The invisibility is not required.

One of the easier ways to do this, is to pickpocket Methredhel or her "partner" before getting the quest. Steal the house key, start the quest, let her take the book, then just go back to her place and take it. Or, simply pick the lock on the door with lockpicks, magic, or the Tower Stone birthsign.

Another solution is to attack her. She is marked as an essential character and therefore cannot die. When she overtakes the player, attack her and take the diary.

A simpler solution is to lay an immobilization spell on her and get a good ten second head start.

The last solution to solve this is the paintbrush glitch. All the player has to do is gather thirty or so paintbrushes and drop them in a circle around her. Make sure to do this before speaking to Armand. Generally, the player will find that the brushes hover over the ground by three feet or so, they will also notice she won't be able to run through or jump, thus allowing them to take their time to go steal the book.


Duplicating items with a bowEdit

Note: Does not work on PS3.

To clone items with a bow, ready an arrow with the bow, and while holding down the button, open the inventory and let go of the fire button. When in the inventory, drop the desired item to duplicate and exit the inventory. Once the player exits, their arrow will fire directly at the item and clone the item to how many arrows are in their quiver, this glitch will work with all types of items except for the glowing root, there is no crash caused by the glitch unless they create a very copious amount, though it can be done multiple times.

An extremely rare glitch may occur when duplicating to many items at once inside of a house, this will result in the game freezing. What sets this apart from other glitches is that if the player removes the disc while the console is frozen and place it inside again, they may get lucky and the game will start again quite some time later. If they can succeed in reproducing the glitch, they will find that there is a small bag not jammed through the floor and every item that is in that house is not inside of that bag as well as anything that an npc may have been carrying at the time that the glitch occurred and taking from the bag is not considered stealing.

Copying daggers and stavesEdit

This glitch requires the player having the Staff of Worms acquired from Mannimarco, and the Skull of Corruption from the Daedric Prince Vaermina.

To start this glitch off the player will need to kill someone or find someone that is already dead. Once they have found a dead body, put the desired weapon to copy on the dead person's body. After that use the Staff of Worms to reanimate the dead person. Once they are up off the ground shoot the Skull of Corruption at the person they reanimated. When the clone appears of that person, the player will notice that they have the weapon that they wanted to copy. Once the clone gets the weapon out as if they are going to attack something, kill them before the originally reanimated person "dies." The desired weapon to clone should be on the floor somewhere after the player kill the clone. Collect the cloned weapon off the floor and then go to the dead body they cloned, then search their body and take the weapon they cloned. After all of this is done the player should have a duplicate of the weapon they wanted to duplicate.

To duplicate the Staff of Worms, find a dead body, then remove any weapon it may have. Stand close so the player can still search the corpse. Begin to shoot the body with the Staff, but quickly (before the animation completes and the bolt fires) open the corpse and place the staff in it. The bolt will still fire, resurrecting it; proceed to clone and kill or disarm the clone.

Be sure that the corpse does not have any other weapons on its body. It is not possible to clone the Skull of Corruption using this method.

Crash on exit leading to crash on running/loadingEdit

Some players find that Oblivion crashes sometimes on exit. They also find that Oblivion will crash on startup after one of these crashes. While the cause of the crash on exit is unknown, a cause of the crash on startup has been found.

Apparently corrupts the Oblivion - meshes.bsa file when it crashes on exit, and this causes it to crash on startup. To fix the problem, replace the current meshes.bsa with an original copy from the DVD by copying it out of the Installshield .cab files on the DVD, or by reinstalling the game.

Stretching peopleEdit

When people or creatures are killed, sometimes their body turns to 'jelly' and they ball up on the floor. When this happens, it continually happens to that person or creature until the game is reset. This can be quite fun as now the player can stretch the body as long as they want and it just keeps stretching. This might also happen when the player shoots them with a paralyze spell.

This can also be done to the player if using a custom paralyze self spell.

Easy inside buildingsEdit

Note: in order to do this glitch the player must be able to become the "Jelly" that is stated in the above glitch

  1. Make a self Paralyze spell. (Or just buy one)
  2. Go inside any building (Mainly houses) in the game
  3. Look at the door and ready the self paralyze spell
  4. The split second the player goes third person from being paralyzed open the door to outside
  5. If timed right (and it requires EXTREME timing) then they will see inside the building's game model (of course empty) and as soon as they return from their paralysis then they will be inside the building.

Make sure that the player presses A the second they go into third person. Most of the time if they are too slow, they will just collapse to the "Jelly" form and will have to try again.

Sometimes the player will just be shot to another door in the town and still be inside the map. This might be caused by running point blank at the door when performing the glitch.

If the player does this and does NOT turn to jelly, they will be teleported to some unknown destination either in the town or somewhere in the map.

Shifting stavesEdit

When a staff is placed somewhere by a player it will shift a foot or two towards the direction the head of the staff is facing. This happens when a player reloads into the area after saving in another area. (Has been fixed in patched versions)


A miscellaneous item that can be found in many areas in Oblivion. While seeming ordinary, Paintbrushes are not under the effects of the physics engine in Oblivion; that is, the player can drop one from their inventory and it will float in the air in front of them. This is very useful for creating a "bridge" of paintbrushes to reach areas more easily. Unless the player hates cheating, it's a good idea to carry several paintbrushes, and pick up any they might find.

Paintbrushes can usually be found in many chests, barrels, and sacks in cities, which prove to be the easiest places to find them.

This also seems to work with bricks and bones.

Note: On the PS3 and 360 version if the player has the Shivering Isles Expansion the Paintbrushes will be added under the effects of the physics engine. This does not apply for the Game of The Year version.

Jumping the Bruma wallEdit

On the southeast wall of Bruma there are several houses that allow the player to jump onto the wall with a high enough Acrobatics skill. While there are multiple areas that allow them to jump onto the wall, there is no invisible wall guarding the southeast wall, allowing them to jump over.

With high enough Agility, Athletics, and Acrobatics, the player can jump from the ledge around the chapel onto J'Ghasta's House, and then jumping to Helvius Cecia's House. After doing so, stand on top of the roof as high as possible and jump onto the ledge on the wall. Simply jump over the wall in order to enter an unbound map with no detail. If the player cannot reach the top of the roof, try quickly running downwards for a step or two and then switching directions and running back up (as long as they continue running they can walk up a roof without problem).

The player may un-glitch themselves by entering the main gate of Bruma (which will be to the Jerall Mountains) or by using map-travel.

This is actually a brilliant way to find map locations without having to worry about enemies. The player can go all over Cyrodiil with everything unloaded and they can find any map location. The only danger is that the player cannot see the ground they are walking on, only the grass (every so often), so they have no idea if they are going to drop off a mountain. Remember to save often.

If the player travels to the edge of the map they will fall for a short period of time and then instantaneously die. (One player, however, did this with a high-level character and went far past the edge of the map, yet did not die. It seems to just be a "mountain" drop.)

Note: This is possible to do on every major city in Cyrodiil. There is even a way to exit the Arena in this manner.

Bodyless horsemanEdit

When riding a horse switch to the third person view and look at the player's shadow to see a man riding a horse, then switch back to first person and watch as a horse's shadow is riding alone.

Longer chain in the ArenaEdit

When the player goes into a fight at the arena, use the flare spell, (or something similar) at the chain holding the lamp (that they will see when they walk in). The chain should grow longer but leave gaps between the rings. This also works with almost any ranged destruction spell, it doesn't have to be fire.

The walk-throughable wallEdit

Inside the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn, there is a wall the player can walk through. It is located where the three barrels stand on the first floor. There is also a chest floating about ten meters underneath it, with enough time, the player can click on the chest but it needs a key. It is quite possible that the key was never put into the game and that this chest was moved out of sight to save time. If the player misses the chest, they will appear back up on the first floor. Note: these chests are under many stores, and often hold most of the store owner's inventory. They must be unlocked with the "unlock" cheat, and are an easy source of items. The only way to get to them is to go into fly mode and look under the store (while inside it).

For example, there is a chest under Red Diamond Jewelry in the Imperial City. Underneath it is a chest with a powerful magic ring. It can be found via toggling clipping. (tcl)

There is another wall that the player can walk through. Find Dorian in the Talos Plaza District. Go to his basement door, face the wall that is across from it and walk towards it. The player should immediately go through. If they can time it right and go fast enough, they can be teleported upstairs to his bedroom door. It has been done successfully about five times.

Bloodworks wall glitchEdit

Once inside the Bloodworks, go down the stairs. Where the player can see the Blue Team Arena Gladiator infinitely shooting arrows, turn facing the way you came in. They should be looking upstairs. If they can manage to jump on top of the stone Archway at the end of the stairway, they can walk on top of the Bloodworks. To get back to the mapped part of the Bloodworks, just fall off the edge into the black abyss and they will be teleported back.

Bloodworks corner glitchEdit

 360   PS3   Once inside the Bloodworks, go down the stairs but not actually into the Bloodworks. The player will notice an archway door on the stairs side; if they sneak and walk into the left corner, they can climb the wall and be sitting in midair. This glitch is really just an easter egg. It is possible to use this glitch on most of the corners in the game but this corner works exceptionally well.

Swimming in the mid-airEdit

Go somewhere where there is a guard and a body of water nearby. Attack the guard and run to the water. When the guard talks to the player while in the water, choose to pay the fine. The player can now swim in the mid-air until they touch the ground or open a door.


Infinite enchantment - Ring of DesiccationEdit

During the quest "The Coming Storm" in Crucible, the player is told to find the Ring of Desiccation (they can find it in the "Museum Of Oddities." Opt to take the tour and steal the ring when Una Armina is not looking.) They can receive both enchantments from the Ring Of Desiccation (Water walking and Water Breathing) permanently on the character. If they get arrested (in Cyrodiil, but not the Shivering Isles), and they opt to go to jail, they can serve their term; when they get out, they will find that they cannot equip the Ring of Desiccation ("You cannot equip this enchanted item right now" displays). However, if the player checks their Active Enchantments, they will find out that they have both effects active. The glitch stays active even after the player turns in the ring during the quest. This bug works in similar ways on other rings as well e.g. Ring of the Vipereye (though it is done vice-versa with this particular ring since the player obtains it in Cyrodiil, meaning they must receive the sentence at the Shivering Isles); also they won`t be able to remove the ring from their inventory as it becomes a "quest item" permanently. The ring must be a quest item that they cannot normally drop out of their inventory once acquired, and it must be stolen. Another such way to permanently enchant the item onto themself is to have it - or a similar object on when they do the Sanguine Shrine Quest. The spell he gives them to cast will affect the player as well, removing all of their items.

Infinite money – Dorian glitchEdit

Note: This bug may not always work. This bug works even with the latest patch (v1.2.0416) release. *Does not work with Xbox 360's latest patch. (Clear 360 cache for bug to work)

This bug reportedly works for both the PC and Xbox 360 version. In order to achieve infinite money, murder Dorian located in Talos Plaza District. Loot him, and take his money. Instead of being removed from his inventory, the money remains and can be taken as many times as the player wants. When the guards come, simply pay the fine. The player should still have the money, minus the fine, in their inventory. They can also simply use a paralyze spell on him and pickpocket the money without having to kill him.

If the player cannot kill Dorian before he runs out the door, then either come back when they can, use the difficulty slider, or use a spell to paralyze him. They could also use the Yield exploit to drain a lot of health before he actually starts to run away.

Note: This bug is somewhat inconsistent. Oftentimes Dorian will only have 10 gold on him (or another very low amount) This happens because the player has just recently begun the game. If they have played the game for at least 30 days or so then he will have somewhere near 200 gold or higher. The NPCs seem to gain money the more days the player has played the game. In this scenario they will not be able to grab infinite money. Use sneak to pickpocket him and it should show how much money he has (they don't want to actually take his gold at this point). If he does not have a reasonable amount, specifically at least 35 gold, use the Speechcraft (disposition) system and bribe him. This will put money in his pocket and make the glitch viable. If they keep using the Yield exploit, they will be draining his disposition, making it possible to keep bribing him over and over - it is possible to shove over 2000g into him before he ran out of health - that's 2000g every single time the player tries to grab the money.

His body should stay there for several game days (allowing the player to continue stealing infinite money from his corpse), but it will disappear once the cell resets.

Be warned: If the player hits the "Take All" command when looting his body after the glitch has been activated, their system will freeze.

Example video: see here


  •  360   PS3   With the new patch, the player can simply paralyze him to accomplish the goal. Doing it this way will count as pickpocketing every time they do it as there was technically a witness, and raise their bounty every time as a result. So it is suggested to use this only if the player is in the Thieves Guild or is the Gray Fox.
  • Essentially, If the player has enough Septims, they can get them back in an outrageous amount. A good strategy is to bring 5 to 10,000 Septims with them and simply hit Dorian and quickly use the yield exploit. If he starts to run low on health, they can either turn up the difficulty or use a heal-on-target spell. This is a great way to make money, especially if they paralyze him, as they can come back whenever they want to and he will still have the same amount of Septims.

Infinite money – Vampire Cure reward glitchEdit

Note: This bug may not always work. This bug does not work with the Xbox 360's patch (v1.2.0416).

After completing the Vampire Cure quest and getting the potion to the count's wife, come back the next day and ask him for a reward. He will give the player level dependent gold (A level 20 should get about 3000). They can keep asking and clicking 'reward' and he will give them the reward each time. If the player is over level 30, the cash reward will be 10,000 Septims.

This glitch assumes that the player can give the woman bloodgrass. It is only for PS3 Game of the Year North American versions. It is activated by completing the Main Quest before they give her bloodgrass. It is easily bypassed by completing the quest before finishing the Main Quest. She might not recognize that the player's inventory has bloodgrass, therefore making them unable to complete the Vampire Cure quest (If they have the PS3 version, they can bypass this glitch by changing the PS3's system language to German, as this will change the in-game language). Think twice about becoming a vampire unless the player has the The Vile Lair official plug-in.

Infinite money – Cheydinhal Mages GuildEdit

Note: This bug was discovered in the unpatched version of Oblivion for the Xbox 360, test on current XBOX 360 patch confirms it working, though is inconsistent.

The counter that Eilonwy stands behind to sell her goods is capable of respawning two Novice Apparatus (every twenty-four hours or so) after the originals have been removed from inside it and resold to her (and only her). It is a constant source of 75–100 GoldIcon depending on the player's current level of Haggling selected for her, and as long as the player continues to sell them to her they will continue to respawn in the counter.


Infinite gold – female Orc in KvatchEdit

Note: This bug may not always work. The effectiveness has not been checked since the latest patch (v1.2.0416) has been released. *Does not work with Xbox 360's latest patch.

There is an exploit if the player can find a person that will buy items that is outside a city while on a horse. The best NPC is an Orc woman who buys and sells weapons in the camp just outside the main gate to Kvatch. Obtain a very high-valued weapon and equip it, go to the camp and while on a horse with the weapon equipped, sell this item to her and the player will receive the gold for the weapon, however as the player is on a horse, the game will not allow them to unequip weapons. The result is that they sell the item however it will not leave their inventory, so they can sell it again and again until they have the desired amount of gold. The upside to this exploit is that it is faster than above and they can raise their mercantile skills as they are trading to receive the gold.


  • This will only net the player 200g per sale, as she only has 200g on her (unless they are an expert or master of mercantile, which will allow them to add up to 1,000 gold to her inventory permanently).
  • This bug does not work on the PlayStation 3 version.

Permanent bound itemsEdit

For this, the player may need a Disintegrate armor or weapon spell or just somewhere to wear down their bound armor or weapon and some repair hammers depending on how good at armorer the player is. First of all, summon the bound armor or weapon, then use the Disintegrate Armor or Weapon spell or damage it in some way so that when they return to the inventory its rating is not 100. Then use repair hammers to repair it without unequipping it, it should let the player drop them. Now the bound armor or weapon should be on the floor in front of the player. All they have to do now is wait. Once the spell has worn off, they will see the familiar yellow mist around them as the weapon or armor supposedly evaporates but it will not disappear off the floor. Pick it up again and they will now have a weightless bound item.

Cloning itemsEdit

At one point, duplication was simple. There were once four or five ways to do so, but all of them involving arrows have been patched. Even still, new ways have been found to glitch the game, but if people did not get the 2009 edition, it would be patched. (Confirmed)

Scroll cloning

The player will need two or more of any one kind of scroll, e.g. Flare, or Dispel. Activate that particular scroll and drop any other single item. The key is that the player must be dropping more items than they have: Two scrolls will drop two items. If they have three of the item they are trying to drop with two scrolls, nothing will be duplicated, the player will just drop two items. Also, they cannot duplicate damaged equipment. The equipment being duplicated must be in perfect quality. It must be only at 100 condition.

Should the player wish to duplicate items at a larger rate, they must ensure you have at least two scrolls, of the same type, as well as at least one scroll of a different type. (They must have less of these than the first one) Then begin to duplicate scrolls, until they have as many scrolls as they need, e.g. one-hundred scrolls. Then they may duplicate as normal, 100 items coming out each time they duplicate.

If the player is trying to clone arrows, they can utilize a shortcut. Start with the arrows unequipped, select the scrolls, then instead of dropping them equip them and it should give the player as many arrows as they have scrolls.

Be careful when duplicating large numbers of items, as it can lag excessively. It is a good idea to pick up previously cloned objects before making more. Using stacks rather than singular items reduces the lag (if the player is duplicating an item with one-hundred scrolls, one-hundred objects will be rendered and calculated on the screen, if they use a stack of five, it only needs to render twenty objects).

No character-specific items, quest items, or rewards will duplicate: the game includes only a certain number of these in one game. This includes Nirnroot, Buma's armor, the Staff of Worms, and all other quest-related items or character-specific items: anything carried by one specific NPC and one only (Buma, Mainnimarco, anyone with a real name). Though if the player has a 2010 version of Game of the Year or the 5th anniversary edition, they will be able to "scroll clone" almost every item as long as it has full charge and condition. Also, most items the player must create will not duplicate: Black Soul Gems, player-enchanted armor, etc. (Enchanted armor found on enemies will duplicate, so long as the item is common.) A few common items may not be duplicated:

  • Boar Meat
  • Glass War Axe
  • Daedric items - confirmed
  • Ayleid Statues

How to scroll clone:

  1. Acquire two of any scroll.
  2. Double click tap/click on scroll.
  3. Quickly, drop desired item.

Note: Enchanted items (an Axe of Soul Trap, a Bow of Magicka, etc.), items with unique names (Sir Amiel's Ring), damaged items, and of course quest items cannot be duplicated in the 5th anniversary edition.

How to scroll clone huge amounts:

  1. Scroll clone any other scroll (A)
  2. Leave only one scroll (A) in the inventory (when starting, repeat two more times)
  3. Pick up all cloned scrolls (A)
  4. Drop one of the original scrolls (B)
  5. Double tap or click on the inventory scroll (A)
  6. Drop the remaining scroll (B)
  7. When starting out, there should be four of the scroll A's and five of the scroll B's

Cloning in the 40–60 range shows no signs of game lag. Cloning in the one-hundred range begins to lag the game. Approaching the one-thousand range may cause the screen to flicker, shake, or jitter around (confirmed on Xbox360). If there is enough of the cloned item or if the item has enough polygons, the "loading area" notification will appear. After approximately ten seconds, the game reloads at the exact moment from when it crashes. All cloned items are conveniently placed in a loot bag directly underneath the player.

Alternate cloning methodsEdit

Dawnfang/Duskfang If the player mounted on a horse at the time that the swords switch (6:00 A.M./P.M.) and they have it equipped, they still retain the original fang but they also get the other fang (i.e. They are mounted at dusk with Dawnfang, they still have Dawnfang but Duskfang is still added to their inventory - this glitch only allows the player to obtain an indefinite amount of swords).

Has been confirmed for PS3 and Xbox360, as well as PC GOTY edition.

It is important to note that the latest patch for PS3 has eliminated this glitch. It has not been fixed on the latest patch for Xbox360.

Permanent enchantment glitchEdit

This is an interesting way to raise the player's attributes considerably, if they have the time. They will need:

To do this, they must:

  1. Use either a Sigil Stone or Grand Soul Gem to make an item at the altar of Enchanting
  2. Enchant an easy item (for example: a Copper Ring or Gold Necklace) with the desired effect (only works with rings on the Xbox and PCconfirmation needed).  PS3   the player can do this for any item that they wear.
  3. After making the item of choice, duplicate the item. Remember, only use two scrolls to duplicate it with.
  4. Retrieve the items, and then equip one.
  5. Duplicate the item that they are not wearing, that one plus the one they are wearing should be dropped.
  6. The player will notice that if they attempt to equip the dropped items, they will not be allowed to and will get a message stating: "This item cannot be worn at this time." The effect of the item will permanently bound to they player. Be warned though, all effects are completely permanent and in no way can be removed. So be warned when using effects such as Chameleon or Night-Eye. This can be useful if one uses this glitch to give oneself Water Breathing.

Notes: Duplicate Sigil Stones or Grand Soul Gems and Copper Rings (or other items the player is enchanting) so they do not have to re-purchase the items over and over.

It is recommended that the player use Sigil Stones, as they come with useful enchantments such as Feather or Fortify Magicka. If they duplicate a Sigil Stone that uses feather over one hundred times and then duplicate a copper ring one-hundred times, They can use this permanent enchantment glitch to make the player able to carry well over ten-thousand pounds.

It is possible in-game to clone the player with the reward they get from the Vaermina Daedric Quest the Skull of Corruption. There are two methods to do this.

Method 1 is easier than Method 2 but the player will need a Mysticism skill of at least 75. This is for a reflect spell 100% on target spell for at least 2 seconds. They also need a follower to do this trick or an NPC who does not move.

  1. First, create the reflect spell using the Spellmaking altar in the Arcane University or Frostcrag Spire if downloaded
  2. Make sure it's 100%, is a target spell and lasts for at least 2 seconds
  3. Find a long room and tell the follower to wait on one side of the room as the player goes down to the other side
  4. Cast the reflect spell at them then use the Skull of Corruption on them quickly
  5. Drop the Skull of Corruption before the spell from the staff hits the target
  6. If done correctly, the player should now have a clone of themselves
  7. If the player kills their clone within the 30 second time limit, they can loot it by saving just as it is dying with them next to its body, then loading it back up and activating the body to loot it. All of their equipment will be on the clone (excluding Umbra, Skull of Corruption and Wabbajack).
  • If the player kills the follower then leaves the area without the Skull of Corruption the clone will be permanent
  • It will be hostile originally, but if the player has the Staff of Worms, they can kill it and bring it back to life
  • The player will have to keep bringing back to life though every thirty seconds and will lose the Skull of Corruption if they want to keep the clone.
  • To get rid of the clone just pick up the Skull of Corruption

Method 2 is harder as it requires an NPC to pick it up and fire it at the player which can be tricky without a Disintegrate Weapon spell. However, there is no need for a high level Mysticism skill.

  1. Find a cave somewhere with NPCs that use weapons.
  2. Kill everyone in the cave except for one person at the entrance (if the player wants a permanent clone. If not, anywhere in the cave)
    • 100% chameleon helps here as well or invisibility potions
  1. Drop the Skull of Corruption next to the NPC and use a spell that disintegrates weapons
  2. The NPC will eventually drop their weapon and pick up the Skull of Corruption as long as no weapons are on the ground nearby
  3. Step away form the NPC and let him fire it at the player
  4. Kill the NPC after they have the clone, pick up the Skull of Corruption and then drop it (so it is not reset when the cave resets)
  5. Leave the cave before the spell wears off
  • And the player should now have a permanent clone of themselves. It will be hostile at first but follow the steps above
  • They can also get items from it using the steps above as well
  • Also, they can use a command humanoid spell on it (high level) if they don't have the Staff of Worms. (Also works for Method 1)

Cloning items with the Skull of Corruption and Staff of WormsEdit

If the player does not want to clone themselves to clone items, they can also do this:

  1. Find a suitable NPC
  2. Save then kill them and place on their corpse the items the player wants cloned
  3. Reanimate the corpse with the Staff of Worms (or Risen Flesh)
  4. Hit the reanimated NPC with the Skull of Corruption
  5. Quickly kill the double (within thirty seconds)
  6. Once the double is dead, save immediately before the double hits the ground and disappears (try to have the cursor on the corpse so there is a "loot" icon)
  7. Re-load and repeatedly tap the action key (A-Xbox 360, X-PS3, etc.)
  8. Once it has loaded it should open up to the double's inventory, take the loot and wait until the reanimated corpse dies (thirty seconds later) loot it, and the player should have double the amount of what they had before.
  9. The player can do this in the Arena to loot their armor and weapons (like The Gray Aegis)

Permanent 50% resistance to Poison and DiseaseEdit

The player must have the quest "Lifting the Vale" active, and have recovered the Draconian Madstone, but not returned it to the Countess.

  1. Put on the Draconian Madstone
  2. Take the Shrine of Sanguine quest
  3. Complete the quest, still wearing the Madstone
  4. All items will be removed from the inventory, including the quest items and normally the irremovable Draconian Madstone. When the player gets it back, they will not be able to wear it again, and the effects are now permanent.
  5. The player can now get the reward for Lifting the Vale, the Ring of Vipereye.

Others (unsorted, unverified, etc)Edit

Thieves Guild: the stationary FoxEdit

Verified on Xbox 360

This bug is triggered by adding the Boots of Springheel Jak to the inventory via the console prior to completion of Taking Care of Lex. Upon adding the boots to the inventory, the player will get a quest pop-up from the Boots of Springheel Jak quest, saying that they must return the boots to the Gray Fox in Ganredhel's house in Cheydinhal. However, if they try to talk to him there, his greeting will be, "I assume you have the boots" as if they have completed the quest, yet the standard yes/no dialogue options will not appear. They will instead be presented with the regular dialogue options presented when talking to any other guild member, and they will have to complete Taking Care of Lex to ride out the bug.

When the player gets the quest "Turning a Blind Eye" from Methredhel, the Gray Fox will not be in Helvius Cecia's house like he is supposed to be. He will remain in Ganredhel's house, saying, "I assume you have the boots" only now they can talk to him about their next assignment. This will keep happening until they complete Boots of Springheel Jak quest. Note this also happens on the two consoles, if they loot his corpse or pickpocket him.

Where Spirits Have LeaseEdit

Issue: After finding Velwyn Benirus in Imperial City, he says to meet him back at The Count's Arms in Anvil. However, the player may find that he is not there.

Solution: He says to meet in a couple of hours, so wait around two hours and he should show up in the inn. Also, try looking in the staircase of the inn.

Another problem that occurs is Velwyn getting himself loaded inside a wall or staircase in the Count's Arms. This is related to the bug description just above, and it also happens in the Imperial City. The only solution that has been found was to leave the quest alone for an in-game week or so. When the player returns to the inn, they should hopefully see a reloaded Velwyn standing out in the open where they can talk to him.

Note: This wall glitch occasionally happens to other quest characters. Glarthir has been found inside the cathedral wall when the player goes to talk to him about those he thinks are spying on him.

Issue: After finding Velwyn in the Imperial City his disposition toward the Hero is 100, and that's regardless of Personality score or even if the player never tried to raise his disposition before. He will then refuse to help rendering the quest broken.

Solution: The reason he is refusing to help is because the player did not take the Scrap from Lorgren's Diary from the basement of Benirus Manor. Without the diary page, Velwyn will refuse to help every time one asks and the quest will not continue.

The Siren's DeceptionEdit

Issue: In Anvil, for the quest "The Siren's Deception," it is possible that the player will not be able to enter the farmhouse. Signy Home-Wrecker and Faustina Cartia may attack them at the Flowing Bowl. If the player kills them, they get the basement key, but is locked out of the farm to finish the mission. This bug can be fixed by removing all infamy before meeting them at the Flowing Bowl the first time. Also, the door may be locked from the inside, meaning that the player cannot get out.

This bug can be reproduced by getting caught by the pair while stealing at the inn. The player can either finish the quest by murdering the pair or trigger a script update by finishing or progressing in another quest. (unverified)

Solution: Be sure to meet them at the farmhouse at the appropriate time: after 11 pm.

If the player is locked out, use the cheat code player.coc GwedenFarmInterior without quotes and kill the woman in there and then the mission should finish automatically.

Also it is possible that after killing the gang, the quest is not updated. In that case type this into console "player.setstage MS04 60" this will then bring the two guards into the farm house.

Bruma - Lifting the ValeEdit

Issue: When the player goes north to find the Akaviri artifact for the Countess of Bruma, and completes the quest and comes back, they may still have "enemies nearby," even in towns and inns, no matter where they go.

Solution: To fix this, the player must go back to Serpent Trail, to the ruin they found the artifact in, and search it extensively. There are many skeletons in there, and they have to find the one or many that are giving the player the message and kill them.

Mages Guild - Chorrol RecommendationEdit

If the player opts to go with the "Guild Way" and returns the item to the guild, the guildmaster will tell them that they get his recommendation, but the green arrow still points to him although they actually have in effect received the recommendation, the quest pointer is incorrect and can be ignored.

Note: If the player reads their journal, it says they must talk to Earana and tell her they gave the book to the guildmaster. Once they have spoken to her again the marker arrow will not show in Chorrol.

Go Fish: SlaughterfishEdit

Issue: During the quest that involves the player killing twelve slaughterfish for their scales, the quest markers may be off at times (in locations with no fish).

Solution: This is a large pain, but if the player swims around the lake using Detect Life, they should eventually find the slaughterfish. It will be perfectly still, making no movement at all; once they attack it, the map marker will update and it will start to move and attack as normal.

Issue #2: During the quest, the player may not find any fish, even at the green marker.

Solution: This comes from a clipping problem where the fish spawned directly in a rock under the water. The player can use the console command to turn off the clipping and walk under or through the rock. The fish will usually follow them out. After that, turn clipping back on and complete the quest.

Issue #3: A slaughterfish is found at the arrow, but it doesn't have a scale.

Solution: To fix this issue without the console (for Xbox360 and PS3 users, mainly), simply abandon the quest for around three days, this will allow the slaughterfish to respawn, giving it the scale needed to complete the quest.

Unfriendly CompetitionEdit

In the quest Unfriendly Competition, sometimes it is difficult to find the required evidence shovel in the Mausoleum. It is not the shovel that is at Agarmir's house. Look around the mausoleum carefully, as things can fly around during battle. Especially check dark corners.

It is also possible that if the player goes into the mausoleum and attacks Agarmir or his partner, then a guard will give them the normal "Jail, Resist, Fine" options. If they choose Jail or Fine, the mausoleum will require a key. If they choose to resist, they must defeat all three enemies.

Lost HistoriesEdit

Issue: When clicking "map," it shows no arrow for Shum gro-Yarug. This may apply to both the "Lost Histories" quest, and the quest to buy the house in Skingrad. The quest arrow just points the player to a road, and upon arriving at the arrow, they find nothing. Therefore, they cannot finish either quest.

Shum gro-Yarug actually falls off of the bridge and dies, and where his body landed is where the arrow is pointing for the house quest.

Solution: The best way to fix this is to either: 1) use the console to summon him with his NPC ID, or 2) find his NPC HEX ID, point to it, and use the resurrect command. After some time he showed up walking on the road. Enter the console, and type the following:

  • prid 00028FB6
  • resurrect

Another way to bypass this bug (for Lost Histories only) is to ignore the chance to fake the job, and instead, go to the Skingrad prison and pickpocket the dungeon key from the jailor, then carry on as if Shum gro-Yarug never died. The reason this works is because the game only recognizes opening a locked door (like the door to the cells) as a crime if a lockpick or the Skeleton Key is used, because the appropriate key is used, unlocking the door is not seen as a crime. (This is useful for Xbox 360 and PS3 users)

Mankar Camoran's ParadiseEdit

Issue: Mankar Camoran does not appear in the building at the end of the Paradise mission. Instead, he seems to be wandering around the inside of Cloud Ruler Temple, and the player is unable to attack or pickpocket him. He just asks them, without voice acting, to "enter the hall" to challenge him. The player cannot complete the Paradise mission because of this.

Solution: If the player is experiencing this glitch it is because Mankar Camoran is stuck either in Lake Arrius Caverns, at the Dagon Shrine, or he sometimes gets stuck at Cloud Ruler Temple. First the player needs to find him either at Cloud Ruler Temple or at the Dagon Shrine inside Lake Arrius Caverns. If he is at Cloud Ruler Temple he should be in the main room where Martin is. Save before entering Lake Arrius Caverns, and do not attack anyone but Mankar. The player has to run straight to Mankar without attacking anyone else. Speak to Mankar, and then start attacking, loot his body and grab the Amulet of Kings. After a few seconds the loading window will show up, and the player will be back at Cloud Ruler Temple with a message saying the they defeated Mankar and that the portal to paradise has been closed.

Shrine of Clavicus Vile quest bugEdit

Issue: When attempting to return the Umbra Sword to Clavicus Vile's shrine for his quest, both PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game crash. The crash has something to do with the statue that Clavicus Vile will give the player to carry with while they do his quest. The crash occurs when this statue has to be placed back onto the shrine pedestal from the inventory. At the end of the quest when they go back and talk to the shrine again, whether they give the sword, or keep it, when the statue gets removed from the inventory, the game crashes. This is confirmed on the PC version as well.

Solution: The latest patch fixes this quest. If it does not fix, keep reading:

Before ever talking to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile, go to Vindasel, here the player can find Umbra with her sword. Defeat her and take the sword, then go talk to the Khajiit worshiper by the shrine. This will add the Clavicus Vile quest to the journal. They can then speak with the shrine, and he will immediately say, "You've found the sword!" He will take the sword and they will not have to do his quest. Do this and they will not have the glitch with the statue having to get removed from the inventory.

It may also be possible to get around the bug by making sure that the sword Umbra is not currently equipped. This seems to have worked on the PC version of the game. It is recommended to try this method first, as another lucrative quest may hinge on the completion of this line.

For players who do not want to have to reach level 20 this is a good alternative. One simply has to receive the quest and activate the shrine without the loss of gold.

Another possibility is to use wait. Immediately after returning the sword to Clavicus but just prior to the Baucus's parting remarks, simply "wait" for an hour. This has the effect of "time-warping" the character past the final remarks, so they are never given. The game may still lock up later if the player ever returns to the shrine again, however.

Additionally, for the path of keeping the sword, the player can try and warp to the Waterfront District. The seller's words should interrupt those of Baucus (the dog) and allow them to continue (tested only on 360). This doesn't seem to work when they accept the Masque.

Another solution is to simply have the Umbra sword in the inventory before going to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile. When the player travels to the shrine with the Umbra sword, do not talk to the shrine. Instead, talk to the Khajiit nearby and tell him they have the sword. He will tell them to approach the shrine. They have the choice to keep the Umbra, or exchange it for the Clavicus Vile's Masque, this mask somewhat resembles a samurai faceplate and is the only mask in the game. (Note: This solution has been confirmed and is guaranteed to work).

A final option, if any of the above does not work is to travel to the East gate of Cheydinhal. As soon the player gives or does not give the blade to Clavicus immediately pause the game to the Journal and travel to the East gate. As soon they spawn to Cheydinhal the Dog Statuette will start talking and will head back to the shrine and will leave the inventory without freezing the game. (This has been confirmed.) Fast traveling to the Market District can also stop this glitch from happening (Player note: just confirmed on Xbox 360 pre-patch).

Wabbajack glitchEdit

Issue: When the player uses the Wabbajack to transmute their own horse, they are simultaneously kicked out of every guild they have joined. Each message claims that they have stolen from another guild member, except the one for the Dark Brotherhood, which only says they have broken one of the tenets. The suspected reason for this is that since it is the horse, it belongs to all the factions the player is in.

  • The reason for this is that the horse belongs to the player, and if they attack their horse, they are somehow stealing from themselves, a guild member.

Issue: If the player used the Wabbajack on something they have summoned, then kill it (before it changes back), it may sometimes return to its original form, but the corpse will remain and be lootable.

See the Gray Fox's Face before completing The Ultimate HeistEdit

The player can take the Gray Fox Cowl off of the Gray Fox before they receive it for completing the Thieves Guild. The player needs a mage's hood. Any will do as long as it is zero-weight (they can buy one from Rindir's Staffs).

  1. Pickpocket him and give him the Mages Hood (reverse-pickpocketing).
  2. Leave the house he is in, fast travel anywhere; go into a building or cave and wait twenty-four hours.
  3. Go back to him and he should be wearing the hood letting the player see his face.
  4. If the player has an incredibly high Sneak skill, they can also pickpocket it off of him.
  5. If the player does not have a high Sneak skill, they can knock him unconscious (causing a blood price of 500 Septims) and pickpocket it off him as he's getting up.
  6. Before he is supposed to give the gray cowl, drop the stolen one and he will give a new one. This nets the player two gray cowls, each with separate bounties, so they can have three personas.

Anvil RecommendationEdit

Sometimes, when the player is battling Caminalda, the rogue mage in the "Anvil Recommendation" quest, an Imperial Legion Soldier will walk by on patrol. Due to the fact that, even if Caminalda is attacking, she is considered a civilian (community faction), and the guard will kill anyone attacking her. This includes the two battle mages assisting the player on their quest. If they attack her, the guard will tell them they have violated the law and will give them the arrest prompt.

Solution: If the player sees a guard near the place where Caminalda attacks them, wait until he leaves the area, and resume the mission like normal.

Cannot select a target while in consoleEdit

Issue: When the console is open, the player is unable to click-on an object or character, the background is the only thing that is selected. It shows up as "" <ID> instead of "[name of object/character]" <ID>. This problem with selecting a target in console means that certain console commands cannot be used, such as the 'kill' command.

<solution needed>

Stretchy pull ropeEdit

 360   When the player embarks upon the Daedric Prince Azura's quest, they will be required to travel to Gutted Mine, southwest of the Shrine of Azura, and it can only be unlocked by starting Azura's quest. Once they go inside, they will have to fight three vampires, all dubbed Afflicted Brethren. After defeating them, the player will encounter a rock wall and a pull rope, which appears as a rock attached to a rope. When they activate it, the wall moves out of the way and the player is free to enter. If they examine the pull rope at this point, it will start slowly spinning, and if they touch it, it violently stretches and flies around the room, bouncing off the walls endlessly. NOTE: This may happen with certain roots in various caves.

This has only been confirmed on the XBOX version, and there is no way to fix it.

Permanent familiarEdit

If the player is able to summon a Flesh Atronach, Golden Saint or Dark Seducer, then immediately after they summon it and walk through a door, then wait for one hour twice. If the player then returns to where they summoned the being, then it will not say"-name-'s atronach" and so on.

  • Note - the creature will not fight for the player, attack them or move after they leave it.
  • The price of the item(s) dropped will increase significantly, e.g. a Golden Saint Shield increased price from 210 Septims to 1000 Septims.

<solution needed>

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