Not to be confused with Erich the Unworthy.

Bujold the Unworthy, also known as "Bujold the Intrepid," is chieftain of Thirsk Mead Hall. In the tradition of Thirsk chieftains before her, she became leader after she slew the great beast of Ilfark and presented its stomach as a battle trophy.[1]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Retaking Thirsk[edit | edit source]

Bujold and her group of Nords can be found at Bujold's Retreat along the eastern shore of Solstheim, a short distance south of Skaal Village. Upon speaking to Bujold, she reveals that her group has been kicked out of Thirsk Mead Hall, located up on the hill near the Beast Stone, by a group of Rieklings led by their chief. When the Last Dragonborn offers to help her group retake the mead hall from the Rieklings, she rallies her fellow Nords to join her and the Dragonborn with taking their mead hall back. Once the Rieklings and their chief have been slain, Bujold asks the Dragonborn to accompany her to Hrothmund's Barrow to witness her being dubbed leader of the mead hall again. However, once there, the voice of Hrothmund speaks to her and refuses to grant her leadership of the mead hall, disappointed in her and her Nords for letting themselves become soft and losing the mead hall to the Rieklings in the first place. Afterwards, Bujold decides to start a new tradition at the mead hall and go against Hrothmund's wishes. The Dragonborn can either agree to keep what happened at the barrow a secret, thus allowing Bujold to remain leader, or refuse, forcing Bujold to have to fight the Dragonborn to keep them from telling the truth to Kuvar and the others, resulting in her death.

The Chief of Thirsk Hall[edit | edit source]

If the Last Dragonborn decides to aid the Riekling Chief who is in control of Thirsk Mead Hall, the chief will ask the Dragonborn to join his rieklings with traveling down to Bujold's Retreat and killing Bujold and her Nords to prove themselves kin to the rieklings.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"I don't really have time for this."

How long have you been down here? "Longer than I would have liked."
Have you been exiled? "I wouldn't call it that. We've just got a bit of an infestation, is all. Down here to catch our breath, and then we'll be back in the hall once I get the rest of these up to move."
An infestation of what? "Rieklings. You must have passed by the hall on your way down here? Well, it's been overrun. We're just out here temporary, to regroup."

"Until next time."

Show: Retaking Thirsk
At Bujold's Retreat:

"I don't really have time for this."

What's going on here? "What's going on here is that we've been kicked out of our home. The mead hall, up there on the hill. We were... some Rieklings have taken it over."
How were Rieklings able to overpower you? "With tenacity and numbers. Didn't help that we'd grown a little too comfortable up there. Too much mead. Too many stories. Too few battles."
What if you had one extra warrior? "Are you... offering to help? Some new blood should be enough to rouse these layabouts to actually fight again."
I don't think I can help you right now. "Well, I hope you'll come back around. Looks like you might be just the thing we need to wake these idiots."

If the Dragonborn refuses to help her:

Do you still need my help? "Well, look who's back. You ready to finally help us take out those Rieklings?"
"You need to either help us or stop coming around here."

After retaking Thirsk:

"Ah! That was almost... exhilarating. How are you feeling?"

That was easy. "Good to hear! In fact... that's just the spirit I'll need from my second. Do you want to come with me?"
That was a little more than I expected. "Oh, come on now. I'm going to need you to perk up if you're going to come with me as my second."
Your what? "My second! If we're going to take up residence here again, I need to get the blessing of Hrothmund again. I'll need a witness and, well, you see the kind of horker-brains I deal with around here. What do you say?"
Where are you going? "To Hrothmund's Barrow! I need to get his blessing again before we take up residence here. I'll need a witness and, well, you see the kind of horker-brains I deal with around here. What do you say?"
I'd be honored. "Well let's not waste time talking about it, then!"
Why don't you go on ahead. "All right, then. I'll be waiting there whenever your honor wakes you."

If approached again:

"We can talk after I've gotten the blessing."

At Hrothmund's Barrow:

"Are you ready to go inside?"

What is this place? "The burial place of Hrothmund, who founded Thirsk. He brought a group of true warriors away from the soft life of the Skaal, to know the wilderness, to feel the sting of cold and of steel. I know that... sounds a little silly. It's just the way it's written in the books, and that phrase has always stuck with me."
What's going to happen in there? "It's pretty simple. Hrothmund's axe is in there with him. Anyone who attempts to take hold of it has their spirit judged by Hrothmund himself."
We're going to fight his ghost? "No, no, nothing like that. He doesn't need to battle with us to know us. He's always watched over Thirsk, and sees us from beyond. And in my case, since he's already deemed me worthy, it will just be a matter of him remembering why he blessed me before. Really, all you need to do is watch."
I'm ready. "Let's not waste any time, then."

After the conversation between Bujold and Hrothmund's Spirit:

"That was a little embarrassing."

How are you feeling about that? "Ashamed. But I guess that was the point."
What are you going to do now? "The only thing I can do."
"I need to return to Thirsk. No matter what Hrothmund says, we need a leader. And I'm still the best person for that."
You'll go against Hrothmund's wishes? "Look what's happened to us so far under his watchful eye. He gave his blessing to all the leaders who brought us to this point. Anyway, he's dead and we're alive. It's time to begin a new tradition for Thirsk. And I'm going to do that. All I need is for you to back me up. You don't even need to lie... just don't tell anyone else what you heard here."
I'll keep this quiet. "Good. See that you do. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a hall to lead."
I can't let you lead Thirsk. "I was afraid you might say that. Well, looks as though I'll have to prove my mettle against you now."

Back at Thirsk, if Bujold is spared:

"It's good to have trustworthy souls in this place."

Will you ever go back to Hrothmund and try again? "I don't think we need that old ghost anymore. Whoever leads us next can go plead with him if they want to, but I'd rather make a tradition of my own. Hrothmund was a great man, but he wasn't a god or a paragon. We're alive, he's not, and we'll look to ourselves for strength."
Are you going to be able to lead this place, still? "I'll lead those who will follow. And most of these are the following sort. So yes, I think we'll be all right."

"Until next time."

Bujold's speech

Bujold: "Hey, you lazy milk-drinkers, get over here! I know you're all starting to settle in here, and keep up the fat lives you got used to up in the hall. But look here. This outsider has more fire than any of you. All I had to do was mention our little infestation, and he volunteered in a second! I don't want to have my spirit outstripped by some wanderer. So let's get up there and kill us some Rieklings!"

Conversations[edit | edit source]


Bujold the Unworthy: "How are you holding up?"
Elmus: "It's rough out here. But I'm getting by."
Bujold the Unworthy: "Not everyone was built for this kind of life. There's no shame in that."
Elmus: "I can handle it. Just wish there was more mead, is all."

Bujold the Intrpid: "Were you able to salvage any of the mead?"
Elmus: "Most of the old brew is still good, but I had to get rid of some of the newer batches."
Bujold the Intrpid: "What did they... do to it?"
Elmus: "Just trust me, you don't want to drink it."


Bujold the Unworthy: "What now?"
Hilund: "I just wanted to make sure you were all right."
Bujold the Unworthy: "Your worry helps nobody."
Hilund: "It's not your fault. There were too many of them. Nobody could have known..."
Bujold the Unworthy: "Don't you see, though? None of that matters. I'm going to go down as "the Unworthy" because of that rabble."
Hilund: "You don't have to live like this now, though."
Bujold the Unworthy: "Unless you're ready to go fight those things, just leave me."

Hrothmund's Spirit

Bujold the Unworthy: "So I just need to take hold of it..."
Hrothmund's Spirit: "You seek my blessing for the leadership of Thirsk Hall?"
Bujold the Unworthy: "I do. It is I, Bujold. You blessed me in the past, and now I've rid the hall of Rieklings and returned it to its rightful owners."
Hrothmund's Spirit: "And well it is that this has happened. But I have always watched, and know that it was your softness that lead to your own exile. You allowed your fellow warriors to grow weak while the dangers around you mounted."
Bujold the Unworthy: "Then... the leadership is not mine?"
Hrothmund's Spirit: "No. Nor is there any among you fit to serve. For a band in the wilderness, it is better to have no leader than a poor one."


Bujold the Unworthy: "It won't be that easy to get rid of the Rieklings, Kuvar."
Kuvar: "I never said it would be. But either way, we have to try. Whether we succeed or not, it'll stir up some of the old blood in this crowd."
Bujold the Unworthy: "I'm not going to lead them to their deaths if they aren't ready."
Kuvar: "Then train them. What are we doing here? We should either get used to staying here, or be preparing to take the hall. You're having us do neither, and I can't stomach it."
Bujold the Unworthy: "Your stomach isn't my problem. We'll act when I say we do and not before."
Kuvar: "Well, you'd better say something. And soon."

Kuvar: "I wish you could just relax a little..."
Bujold the Unworthy: "I don't want to get comfortable here. We need to be back up there."
Kuvar: "This is a decent spot. We're right on the water. This could grow into something respectable."
Bujold the Unworthy: "Thirsk was respectable. And we let this happen. No, we'll get respect the way it should come."

Kuvar: "Bujold. Your second claims that Hrothmund did not yield a blessing to you. Is that true?"
Bujold the Intrepid: "My second would do well to keep his mouth shut."
Kuvar: "So... you don't deny this?"
Bujold the Intrepid: "Kuvar, listen to me. You said yourself that this place had lost sight of its past. We need a new tradition, to move us forward. Instead of listening to a ghost in a tomb, we should steer our own destinies."
Kuvar: "Your words carry some wisdom. But if you truly believed in the spirit of Thirsk, you would have spoken them honestly. Instead you hid your shame."
Bujold the Intrepid: "Kuvar, I..."
Kuvar: "Just... I can't even look at you right now. Get out of here. Run to the wilds."
Bujold the Intrepid: "Kuvar, I'm your wife. You can't..."
Kuvar: "And so I feel your shame all the more deeply. When it's time, we will seek you out. Until then, go and attempt to earn your honor in the old ways."

Bujold the Intrepid: "I don't want you harassing Hilund anymore."
Kuvar: "I'm not harassing her. She just needs to decide what kind of person she wants to be."
Bujold the Intrepid: "And I don't think she needs any help from you to do that."
Kuvar: "Why so touchy on this?"
Bujold the Intrepid: "Just... leave her be. She'll find her way."

Kuvar: "Are you feeling any stronger?"
Bujold the Intrepid: "I'm feeling motivated. That's enough for now."
Kuvar: "What exactly happened at the barrow?"
Bujold the Intrepid: "That's between me and the spirits, Kuvar. You know that."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If she is met during the conclusion of the quest "The Chief of Thirsk Hall" she is called "Bujold the Intrepid."
  • The j in her name is pronounced as a soft g, as in French (e.g. bonjour or Jean Luc), which is unusual for a Nord. Usually Nordic names have the letter j representing a y sound, as in the words fjord or Jarl.
  • If the Dragonborn came back to the Mead Hall after "Retaking Thirsk," they will have a chance to tell Kuvar what really happened. If they actually tell him that Hrothmund rejects Bujold, the two will have an argument and Bujold ends up being exiled into the wilds.
  • If the Dragonborn uses a pacifying spell such as Harmony on or in the presence of Bujold, while her name is "Bujold the Unworthy," the name "Bujold the Intrepid" will show up in the top-left corner where effects are listed.

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