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*'''Prerequisite: None'''
*'''Quest Giver: Lars'''
*'''Quest Giver: Lars Battle-Born'''
*'''Reward: 2 septims on start'''
*'''Reward: 2 coins on start'''
*'''Locations: Whiterun'''
*'''Location: Whiterun'''

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Convine Braith to Stop Bullying Lars is a miscellaneous quest given to the player by Lars Battle-Born after being asked about his being bullied by Braith. The availability of this quest appears to be based on the player race. If the quest is unavailable, the conversation with Lars will not proceed past his normal dialogue complaining about the bullying from Braith.


  • Prerequisite: None
  • Quest Giver: Lars Battle-Born
  • Reward: 2 coins on start
  • Location: Whiterun


  • Speak to Lars Battle-Born in Whiterun to begin the quest. He can usually be found running through the city's streets.
  • Talk to Braith and convince her to stop bullying Lars.
  • Return to Lars and tell him Braith will not be bullying him anymore.
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