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Burnt Spriggans are a variation of spriggan that appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Burnt spriggans are found in the ashlands of southern Solstheim. Their fiery nature and attributes come from the eruption of Red Mountain, as well as the subsequent ash burning them.[source?]



Burnt spriggans use an attack similar to the Flames spell, though it appears to be more powerful. They can also emit a small explosion of fire when they are close to death. Low level players may encounter difficulty dealing with them, so it is best to avoid them if possible.

While burnt spriggans lack the poisonous qualities of their normal kin, they are considerably more aggressive and persistent, chasing their targets down with great tenacity, far beyond a typical spriggan's normal range. This also might be because the ash wastes they call home have far better visibility than the dense forests normal spriggans prefer, allowing them to keep their foes well in sight. When they reach critical health instead of regaining health after collapsing they explode with rolling fire continuously similar to the way a flame atronach does upon death. If allowed, they will revive, though it takes a few more seconds and they do not have the added benefit of increased defense, hence the need for the rolling fire explosions.

Unlike their regular counterparts, burnt spriggans display fire resistance.


  • Dialogue with Neloth indicates that burnt spriggans do not feel pain as much as other spriggans, saying that they "don't twitch as much."
  • Even in the ashlands of Solstheim, burnt spriggans are relatively rare.
  • Unlike their regular counterparts, burnt spriggans do not drop taproot upon death.