Buying a house in Bruma is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. For sale is a nice two story log-house found next to the main gate.


Speak to Countess Narina Carvain when her disposition is 60 or over about buying a house and for 10,000 GoldIcon she will give the Hero the key to a house for sale next to the main gate. She will also mention that Suurootan at Novaroma can sell furniture for the house.

Go over to the house to inspect and then visit the Novaroma to buy all the furniture needed at once if they have the money or buy what they can afford at the time.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After speaking to Countess Narina Carvain:

I just bought a house in Bruma. It's right next to the main gate.

  • Update: After arriving at my new house:

Now that I've arrived at my new house in Bruma, I may want to head over to Suurootan at Novaroma to secure some furnishing for it.

  • Update: After buying furniture at Borba's Goods and Stores:

I've now bought everything Suurootan has for my house in Bruma.

  • Quest complete

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