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"I saw Caius.. [sic] [Do not change this to ... as this missing punctuation is how it appears in-game.] that dragon just grabbed him and... I don't know how I made it out of there..."
Imperial Legion Soldier[src]

Caius was an Imperial Legion Soldier stationed at Helgen in the year 4E 201. He was one of the first causalities upon Alduin's return to the mortal realm.


Prior to the destruction of Helgen, a group of mostly Stormcloak prisoners were captured in an Imperial ambush near the southern border of Skyrim and summarily ordered to be put to death by General Tullius. In the proceeding events, Alduin reappeared after nearly 4,000 years and attacked the settlement, narrowly interrupting their executions and flinging Caius to his death.


  • His name is revealed only if the Dragonborn's race is an Imperial, they side with Ralof, and they use the Voice of the Emperor on an Imperial soldier in Helgen.


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