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Calaxes Septim was the illegitimate child of Emperor Uriel Septim VII who became the Archbishop of the One in the Imperial City.[1]


Calaxes was born as an illegitimate of Uriel Septim VII and an unknown woman, being the half-brother of the proper heirs Geldall, Enman, and Ebel Septim, as well as another illegitimate heir Martin Septim.[2] Though Calaxes was not in the line of succession to the Imperial throne, he had been given Archbishopric of The One: a powerful position in the Imperial City, and indeed over all Tamriel where the Imperial Cult is followed.[1]

Rumors began to spread that Calaxes believed that the Gods were angered by the state of current Empire and the Emperor himself. It was even said that Calaxes advocated full-scale rebellion to establish a theocracy over the Empire. Calaxes' relation with his father began to become very precarious.[1]

One day, Calaxes mysteriously disappeared without leaving any trace. Some believe he was removed by the Imperial Guard as they saw him as a threat to the Emperor. It is suggested that the Lady Allena Benoch had something to do with his disappearance.[1] By 3E 433, Uriel believed all his sons beside Martin were dead, implying Calaxes was indeed deceased.[2] Whatever the case, his death was confirmed following the Oblivion Crisis, when the Septim Bloodline ended.[3]




  1. The year 498 of the Third Era does not exist, as the Third Era ended in the year 433. This date was likely a typo, and meant to say 398


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