Calcelmo's Stone Rubbing is a quest item used in the Thieves Guild quest "Hard Answers" to help decode Gallus's Journal, which is written in the virtually unknown Falmer language, as well as some of the Dwemer language.

It is created by the Dragonborn picking up a roll of paper and charcoal and copying down the Falmer script from the stone onto the roll of paper. In-game, it is done by picking up a roll of paper and charcoal and activating Calcelmo's Stone, whereupon the item appears in the Dragonborn's inventory.

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Bugs[edit | edit source]

This section contains bugs related to Calcelmo's Stone Rubbing. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  PC   360   PS3   After completing the quest, it is possible to find this item on the floor inside the halls at the College of Winterhold. Once picked up, the item may trigger the quest again. Alternatively, it may just be stuck in the inventory marked as a quest item.
    •  PC(Fix)   Enter the console command player.drop 00033764 1.

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