"You got some Skooma, yeah? Right buddy? Pal? To share? Come on, pass the Skooma already!"
―Caldana Monrius[src]

Caldana Monrius quote

Caldana Monrius is an Imperial commoner and Skooma addict found in Crucible, in the Shivering Isles.

Item tradingEdit

Caldana trades bottles of Skooma for a random item. Typically she will give out simple, inexpensive items such as torches, cheap jewelry, utensils, or cloth. Occasionally, she gives out a higher quality item, such as a Potion of Fire Shield.


The Lady of ParanoiaEdit

She can be interrogated to reveal information about the conspiracy against Lady Syl. Torture seems ineffective against her, but giving her Skooma opens up the needed dialogue.


  • If the player has given Caldana skooma at least once, and then attempts persuasion, her disposition will be maxed at 100 and she will perform a unique action. While the persuasion screen remains up, she will perform a cheering animation.
  • If Caldana dies, her tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will read "Caldana Monrius' last words: 'Bring some skooma to my wake!'"


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