Caldera Mages Guild is a Mages Guildhall in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is very different in layout and features than most other mages halls in Vvardenfell in that it lacks a number of standard services such as beds, supply chests and quests and has features such as a tower and the Master index quest that the others don't have. At the top of the tower are some alchemical ingredients and a full set of Master level alchemy apparatus free for the taking.


Master IndexEdit

  • Requires the Master Index plugin.
  • Talk to Folms Mirel about collecting ten Propylon indexes to get the Master index.

Notable itemsEdit



Transportation to the other Mage halls via Emelia Duronia, the guild guide.


  • Caldera's Mages Guildhall is the faction's only hall where the guildmaster won't give any quests in the base edition of the game.
  • There are no beds and no Mages Supply Chest in the hall, unlike most of the other Mages Guildhalls.
  • This guildhall is the only Mages hall with a tower.


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