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Morning Star
1st - New Life Festival Free ale at taverns
15th - South Wind's Prayer Free healing
Sun's Dawn
16th - Hearts Day Free tavern rooms
First Seed
7th - First Planting Free cures at temples
Rains Hand
28th - Jester's Day None
Second Seed
7th - Second Planting Free cures at temples
Mid Year
16th - Mid Year Celebration 50% off temples blessings
Sun's Height
10th - Merchants Festival 50% off all shops
20th - Sun's Rest All shops closed
Last Seed
27th - Harvest's End Free drinks
Hearth Fire
3rd - Tales and Tallows 50% off items in the Mage Guild
Frost Fall
13th - Witches' Festival 50% off spells in the Mage Guild
30th - Emperor's Day None
Sun's Dusk
20th - Warriors Festival 50% off weapons
Evening Star
15th - North Winds Prayer All temple services are 50% off
30th - Old Life Festival Free ale
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