"Let the cat fight those monsters! I'm getting out of here! The island's sprung a leak! Run!"

Calibar is an Altmer who will approach the Vestige at the wayshrine in Shimmerene, Summerset when they set foot on the island for the first time, or outside of Prisoner's Hold if "The Mind Trap" was just completed.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

Calibar will approach the Vestige about an unexpected attack by mysterious creatures nearby, and will direct them to Razum-dar to start the quest.


The Queen's Decree

"First the Queen issues a decree that changes the status of Summerset from an isolated paradise into a ... tourist attraction! Now monsters! Sea creatures! I've never seen anything like them! Well, I say let the cat fight them! Better him than me!"

Monsters? Cat? Slow down and tell me what happened. "Suddenly the ground opened, spewing water and strange creatures! They attacked us! Luckily, one of the newcomers, a Khajiit, leaped in and drove them back. Called himself Razum-dar. He could probably use some help, if you're so inclined."
I'll go talk to Razum-dar.


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